Goldberg Names One Of The Most Miserable Experiences Of His Career


There are a lot of people in mainstream culture that seem to have a problem with former United States President Donald Trump, who is also a WWE Hall of Famer.

Donald Trump has been associated with World Wrestling Entertainment for years, having involvement on several different occasions. The beginning of Trump’s connection with WWE was WrestleMania IV and V, with both events being hosted by Atlantic City’s Trump Plaza. In 2013, Donald Trump was placed into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Goldberg Is Not A Fan Of Donald Trump

Recently making an appearance on “The Untold Stories” podcast for an interview with Roman Atwood, WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg spoke about a multitude of topics. When he was questioned about his time on “The Apprentice” working with Donald Trump, Goldberg said that he tried to get fired immediately, not having a good time at all on the show with Trump

“Do you know that I tried to get fired from The Apprentice from the first day I arrived? It was one of the most miserable experiences of mine. He was a piece of work, man, I knew that dude wasn’t gonna be the most popular guy in the world when I figured out that he really didn’t have any social skills. Like, zero… You’d go up and you shake his hand, and he has no social skills. He doesn’t know how to interact with a person one-on-one without putting a front up. He was uncomfortable.”

Later in the interview, Goldberg put a spotlight on his current WWE contract and the expiration date attached to it. With matches, Goldberg is completely tapped out at the zero figure, however, he does still have two months left with the company on his current deal.

“I can’t remember what the point of this story was, but I’ve been hitting the head way too many times, quite obviously, as you can see in real-time……Stephanie [McMahon], if you’re listening to this, my contract ends in two months, so don’t hold this against me,” Goldberg revealed. “I put my head through a lot of things across the country from 94-97, and I guarantee you half of them are still there.”

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