Goldberg On “Miserable Experience” Working Alongside Donald Trump

Goldberg & Donald Trump

Back in 2010 WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg appeared on a special celebrity series of The Apprentice alongside Donald Trump.

The first season of The Apprentice aired in the United States in 2004 and was the first instalment of a franchise which would go on to dominate schedules across the world. On the show a group of businessmen-and women competed in a series of challenges to try and win a contract to work for Donald Trump.

Trump was a fixture on the show as he judges the contestants progress.

The success of the show led to the creation of The Celebrity Apprentice which premiered in early 2008. Goldberg appeared on Celebrity Apprentice 3 alongside the likes of Sharon Osbourne, Cyndi Lauper and Michael Johnson.

“He Was A Piece Of Work” – Goldberg

Speaking on The Untold Stories with Roman Atwood, Goldberg reflected on his appearance on the show, and time spent working with Donald Trump. The former World Champion revealed that he actually tried to get fired as soon as the show started due to his dislike of the man who would later become US President.

“Do you know that I tried to get fired from The Apprentice from the first day I arrived? It was one of the most miserable experiences of mine.”

Goldberg added that the experience was “uncomfortable” as Trump had “zero” personal skills.

“He was a piece of work, man, I knew that dude wasn’t gonna be the most popular guy in the world when I figured out that he really didn’t have any social skills. Like, zero… You’d go up and you shake his hand, and he has no social skills. He doesn’t know how to interact with a person one-on-one without putting a front up. He was uncomfortable.”

Goldberg has been back in the news in recent weeks after Bret Hart called for him to be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame. The former WCW star and The Hitman have been at odds since Hart was forced to retire as a result of injures he suffered in a match against Goldberg in 1999.

H/t to Wrestling Inc