Goldberg Recalls Knocking Himself Out Whilst Performing Spear

Goldberg WCW Champion

Goldberg’s Halloween Havoc 1998 clash with Diamond Dallas Page was one of his best – but a Spear delivered by ‘Da Man’ temporarily knocked him out.

By the time of the 1998 Halloween Havoc pay-per-view, Goldberg rarely wrestled long matches. In fact, his match that night – vs. Diamond Dallas Page for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship – was the longest of his career.

It was also the match where Goldberg’s knocked himself out with his own Spear. Speaking to Chris Jericho on the Talk Is Jericho podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer opened up on how the match was his favourite:

“I’m pretty proud of that one, man. I Speared him and knocked myself out, then I was able to get him up in the Jackhammer and finish the match off. I think for that reason alone…that, and I pretty much dispelled the rumour that I couldn’t go more than two minutes in the ring. It [match duration] was completely dependent on who was leading me.”

Goldberg continued, explaining how keen Diamond Dallas Page was for the match to be great when he allegedly handed him a 40-page dissertation for the contest:

“Unbeknownst to the public, I didn’t have to give the 14 spears that Dallas actually wanted me to give him in the 40-page dissertation of a match that he handed me!”

Goldberg eventually retained the World Heavyweight Championship over DDP, executing a Jackhammer for the victory. He dropped the championship to Kevin Nash at Starrcade that December, ending his undefeated streak in a controversial decision.

The feed to the pay-per-view was also cut during Goldberg vs. Page, with WCW having overrun its usual three-hour slot by an extra half-hour. Instead, WCW aired the bout on the following night’s Nitro, with the match receiving rave reviews.

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