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Goldberg – “I’m Dazed And Confused And Continually Limp”

Goldberg Gage

Goldberg is certainly worse for wear after being stopped in his tracks by Bobby Lashley and has also commented on how he had to stop his son Gage smiling after also taking a beating from the WWE Champion.

At SummerSlam, Goldberg attempted to become the oldest WWE Champion in company history when he took on Bobby Lashley for the gold. In a longer match than fans are accustomed to seeing for the WWE Hall Of Famer, Goldberg was stopped by the referee’s decision after Lashley destroyed his knee.

After the match Bobby Lashley continued the assault, bringing a steel chair into proceedings. That was too much for Goldberg’s high school-age son Gage who jumped on Lashley’s back to stop the beating. This earned Gage a Hurt Lock for his efforts while Lashley’s associate MVP looked concerned at what Lashley was doing to Goldberg’s son.

Speaking to CarCast, Goldberg revealed he is still worse for wear after the ordeal and discussed Gage’s involvement in the aftermath of the match:

“I’m dazed and confused and continually limp.”

“I didn’t see sh*t. I was choking him. [Gage] goes, ‘Dad, when you came over and grabbed me, you were choking me.’ I was like, ‘I saw you smiling man, I had to get the smile off.’ The kid is impervious to pressure. He did four hours of homework before he went out and jumped in the ring with a 290-pound monster who was beating his dad up. It didn’t bother him one bit. Wanda [Goldberg’s wife] was in the back. If she was anywhere near the ring, it wouldn’t have made any sense. She would have had to jump in too.”

With the assault on Goldberg’s son, it looks like his issue with Lashley is far from over. It is possible that Goldberg could challenge Lashley once again at September’s Extreme Rules or wait until October when WWE returns to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel.

h/t Fightful for the transcription