Goldberg – “I Am Done Apologising” To Bret Hart

Bret Hart vs. Goldberg, Starrcade 1999

Goldberg has claimed that he is “done apologising” to Bret Hart as the two-decade-long feud between the pair continues.

It is no secret that Bret Hart and Goldberg do not see eye-to-eye. The issues between the pair stem from a botched kick during a match between the rivals at Starrcade 1999. During the match, Goldberg delivered an overly stiff kick to Hart’s head which left him with a severe concussion which ultimately ended his career.

While it was initially unclear as to just how serious Hart’s injuries were, he appeared in nine more matches before finally bringing his career to an end.

Over the ensuing decades The Hitman has been a repeated critic of the WWE Hall of Famer, taking issue with his wrestling ability and attitude among other things.

Speaking during an appearance on the Talk Is Jericho podcast, Goldberg again discussed the heat between the pair. The star explained that he has apologised repeatedly for the kick in 1999, but at some point he had to decide to move on.

“Well, yeah, but I get it. I mean, I understand, you know, to a point, but yeah 100% I mean, Bret Hart is still up here, man. I mean, he’s an idol to anybody and everybody who would have ever been in this business. You know, I’m a human being like everybody else, man. And there was absolutely no malicious intent whatsoever. None, zero.

So does it bother me? Yeah, I’ll take it to my grave. But you know, also, also, I gotta say, man, and I’ve kind of got it at a turning point. I’m done saying I’m sorry, I’ve said it a million times. And I’m not going to continue to tear myself down. I’m done. I said I’m sorry. If you can’t accept my apology. I’m really, you know, it is what it is. You got to move on and I moved on. So I won’t be breached in this subject too much more.”

Elsewhere on the episode, Goldberg discussed a potential match with Steve Austin, and why the dream match never happened.

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