Goldberg Claims He Was Promised A Retirement Match By Vince McMahon


Although Goldberg is no longer signed to WWE, that doesn’t mean that he’s retired.

The WWE Hall of Famer hasn’t wrestled since being defeated by Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber in 2022. The match was the last on his most recent deal with WWE and his contract with the sports entertainment giant expired at the end of that year.

Despite not getting in the ring for more than a year, the former World Champion has now shot back at suggestions he might be retired. In the process, Goldberg noted that he’d been promised a retirement match by Vince McMahon after losing to Reigns.

Appearing on 93.7 The Ticket, the star emphasised that he’ll go out on his own terms.

“I’ll stop the rumor mill right now. The reason the rumors are out there is because Vince McMahon and I had a handshake understanding that after the Roman Reigns match that I would have a proper retirement match. And that hasn’t come to fruition through them and therefore…nobody puts a stamp on my career. Nobody tells me when I’m done. Period. End of story.

When somebody tells me that, I kind of like to fight against it. I like to do things my own way. I go out my own way, and I certainly don’t go out under Roman Reigns three weeks after I have COVID [19] and agreed to do a match.”

Goldberg added that “anything and everything” is an option, including promoting a short world tour himself.

“If I go on a world tour and promote it myself, that’s a possibility. Hey, I’m a businessman, and I’m fortunately, you know, in the position I firmly believe to where I can still make it happen. At the end of the day, like I said, I do believe that my character deserves a proper send-off. Until that happens man, I don’t believe I’m hanging them up, you know. Anything and everything is an option. I’m very much leaning towards promoting it myself and doing a four-city world tour. So, let the rumor mill start up after that.”

Goldberg Linked To AEW

Since his free agent status became known Goldberg has been linked with a move to AEW. Many fans point to the success that President Tony Khan has had with Sting, believing that he could also revitalise Goldberg for at least one more match.

Speaking back in March, Khan refused to rule out a move for the star, describing his current status as “interesting.”

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co