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Original GLOW Star Matilda The Hun Dies Aged 73

Matilda The Hun

Original GLOW star Dee Booher, better known to wrestling fans as Matilda The Hun, has passed away at the age of 73.

Wrestling journalist Bill Apter broke the news of Dee Booher’s passing on social media, saying that he was informed by GLOW alumnus Roxy Astor on January 8th at 3.00 am.

Apter described Booher as a “gentle, wonderful, loveable soul”, and while he did not give details of what brought about the sad news, he said she had been “ill for quite a long time”.

Dee Booher had a colourful career prior to training to become a professional wrestler, having worked as a masseuse and a phone sex operator.

When Booher later broke into wrestling, she had her first professional match against a 700lb bear. Speaking about the experience in a Vice interview several years ago, she admitted it was a terrifying prospect, but she still went through with it and lasted 15 minutes with the animal.

“Of course! Oh my god. I’d never even been in a professional ring before; that was my first professional match.

“Well, you’ve got to know what you’re doing even more so than with a human, because a bear will break your neck. And your back. The bears are trained and muzzled, and the bear I fought was a female that had been fanged and was kept on a leash, but she was still 700 pounds. She could have broken me in two, but I lasted 15 minutes with her.”

Booher later answered an ad for GLOW, and helped develop the show alongside its creator, David McLane and Director Matt Cimber, assisting with casting and training performers as well as writing the show’s theme tune.

As Matilda The Hun, the intimidating star ate raw meat during matches and enjoyed terrifying audience members, particularly children. She was well-known for her devastating Big Splash finisher, which she was inspired to use by legendary UK wrestler, Big Daddy.

After competing in all five seasons of GLOW, Booher moved into acting and won roles in the likes of Married With Children, Spaceballs, and Night Court.

The star suffered a life-changing injury after being involved in a five-car smash that left her with bulging discs in her neck and back. She would later be confined to an electric wheelchair due to a degenerative spine condition. However, she continued to work and released an autobiography, Glamazon Queen Kong – My Life of Glitter, Guts & Glory, in 2013.

Everyone at Inside The Ropes sends their condolences to the family, friends, and fans of Dee Booher at this difficult time.