GLOW Cast Petitioning For Movie To Give Canned Series Closure


Earlier this month fans of Netflix smash hit show GLOW were rocked with the news that the final season of the series – which was partly filmed – will never see the light of day due to the show’s cancelation.

Having pausing shooting in March due to the Covid-19 pandemic having shot for three weeks and with one episode in the can, Netflix cancelled the Emmy-nominated show due to the “physically intimate” nature of shooting it, which it felt would be impossible under current social distancing measures.

However, the cast of GLOW is not letting the show go down without a fight.

During a virtual reunion, cast members Marc Maron (Sam Sylvia), Betty Gilpin (Debbie), Alison Brie (Ruth) and a dozen others all agreed that they wanted to reunite for a movie version of the show to tie up loose ends, asking fans to join together to blitz Netflix with letters and to show their support by joining in the #SaveGLOW petition.

“Our show is, among many other things, about people who sometimes feel powerless do powerful things. And right now I think the most powerful thing you can do is vote” said Gilpin.

“If you loved anything about this show and the way the women took control of their own destiny, you can do that too by voting.” added her co-star and on-screen rival Brie.

Maron described the potential of a movie as “a very exciting thing” and something Netflix “could do if they wanted to do it”.

“It would probably solve the problem,” he mused, “it would be easier for them to do.” He added that although he had no idea what Netflix would ultimately decide, he noted that he thought the petition was a “great idea” and that he hoped enough people would rally around it to raise interest in making it happen.

So, GLOW fans out there, now is the time to unite and support the cause to ensure the series is given the send-off that it deserves. #SaveGLOW