Giovanni Vinci Could Be Kicked Out Of Imperium

Sami Zayn Helluva Kick Giovanni Vinci WWE Raw

Could Giovanni Vinci get the boot from Imperium? Gunther doesn’t rule it out.

In a recent interview with WrestleBinge, the WWE Intercontinental Champion was asked about Vinci’s potential status with the faction. Two weeks ago on WWE Raw, Vince was left in the ring by Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser after Imperium was defeated by Drew McIntyre and Riddle. Is Vinci on thin ice?

“Well, that’s to be determined, I guess, how things go. Especially us in Imperium, everybody in there wants to be the absolute elite and wants to be at the absolute top. Sometimes, when you fail to deliver that, there are consequences for that, and it’s on you to make up again for that situation. So far, this hasn’t happened.”

A Removal Of Giovanni Vinci From Imperium Would Be Nothing Personal

Gunther continues, noting that how he assesses who and who isn’t allowed in the group.

“It’s not about personal or any other emotional stuff. It’s about the performance in the ring. It’s about the results. When the results are positive, the relationship is positive, and when they are negative, then everything else is negative as well.”

Nobody would argue against Gunther’s performance in the ring as he’s been on an unstoppable streak as the Intercontinental Champion, just passing over 400 days as the lone title holder. However, trouble could be afoot as signs are pointing that McIntyre will be battling Gunther for that gold at WWE SummerSlam in Detroit. The two are scheduled to meet face-to-face on the July 24 edition of Raw.