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Gillberg Talks About RAW Return


On Monday Night RAW’s Dirt Sheet segment, The Miz and John Morrison brought out ‘Gillberg’ to spoof WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg.

Earlier in the night, Miz & Morrison had teased an appearance from Bill Goldberg to hype up his clash against Drew McIntyre at the Royal Rumble PPV. What transpired was just another cheap joke from the pair, bringing out ‘Gillberg’ and then actor David Krumholtz who spoofed WWE Champion McIntyre.

Speaking backstage after RAW, Gillberg (real name Duane Gill) spoke about his love for the business, how much the appearances mean to him and how happy he is to be given these moments to make people laugh.

Man, that was a ball! I mean, you see now why I love it. This is everything to me, it’s my life. It really is. You don’t know how much I wish at my age I could still have a full-time job doing it. It’s my love. I mean, every day… that was one thing they used to say to me in the locker room, ‘Look, there goes Gil!’

I would always smile, always smiling, always happy, because I mean… you just saw what I do. How can you not like doing that? It’s a blast and to make people laugh, that’s what I do best if I can.

This was Duane’s first appearance as ‘Gillberg’ since February 2017 where he came to the ring in place of Goldberg before being attacked by Kevin Owens. Back in November 2020 Duane unfortunately suffered a heart attack, miraculously he has recovered so well that only 2 months later he’s now able to perform for the WWE Universe.

Duane went on to talk about his legacy in the business, and what he would want others to think of him once he passes.

Like, when I die, I want people to go, ‘That was a good guy.’ And that’s all I want. I’m always nice to everybody, I try to be, and that feeling I get when I walk out there is everything. I mean, here I am with The Miz and John Morrison, two of the biggest names in the business today, and they’re so polite, and kind, as you seen, to me, and everything. That’s why I love what I do. I mean, it’s everything, you know? It really is.

An incredibly heart-warming speech from one of WWE’s long serving gimmicks. A man who unbeknown to most had a run in WWF during 1991-94 competing in-ring against the likes of The Undertaker, Kamala, Sgt Slaughter and Jim Duggan. He then became the WWF Light Heavyweight Champion in 1998 after defeating Christian. A Championship he would hold until Essa Rios ended his 15-month reign.

It was great to see Duane fit and healthy on Monday Night RAW, with Goldberg still an active member of the roster there’s certainly room for more Gillberg appearances in the future.