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Gerald Brisco Opens Up About WWE Release

Gerald Brisco.

In a recent appearance on the Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast Gerald Brisco has opened up about his departure from WWE.

Gerald Brisco had been with WWE since 1984 when he signed as one half of the legendary tag team The Brisco Brothers along with his brother Jack. ‘Jerry’ hung up his boots in 1985, but continued to work backstage as an agent and booker. However, he wasn’t quite done as an on-screen talent just yet, becoming a staple of the Attitude Era alongside Pat Patterson as ‘The Stooges.’ Where the two comedically played Vince McMahon’s sidekicks.

Brisco stayed with the company until being furloughed in April 2020 and then eventually released in September. In the interview he explained that he doesn’t harbour any bad feelings over his release because of the numerous friendships that he made during his 36 years with the company.

“When I got free, I kind of took a deep breath, and people said, ‘Weren’t you pissed off?’ People were trying to get dirt from me… 36 years with one company, I got dirt, but do I choose to go there? No, because I just think back on the wonderful friendships I made. I was there day one for Undertaker, and I felt bad I couldn’t be their last night, but with this damn virus, we can’t do a lot of things that we want to do.

“I just respect the holy cow out of him. I just got wonderful memories of guys like Mark [Callaway], and Bruce [Prichard], and Vince [McMahon], and Shane, and Stephanie, and Hunter (Triple H) and even guys that I didn’t get along with, warrior-type guys that had those attitudes and those egos and Luger’s and all those guys.”

Brisco went on to say that he’s still scouting college wrestlers and offering advice, before admitting that he was initially angry when he was told he was being released.

“Yeah, I was a little angered, but most of all when I get angry, I just think of the relationships and the accomplishments that was done during that 36 years and it just blows my mind. So I walk out of there with a clear clean conscience that I gave him everything I had and a clear clean conscious that he reimbursed me for all the effort that I had.”

Although he never had an “official position with Vince” Brisco revealed that even after he had left the company WWE got in touch to film a segment with Bray Wyatt on his property in Florida. And much to his surprise McMahon himself made the trip down to Florida to talk with the hall of famer.

Well, I was a real fortunate. We did a taping here right after I got let go matter of fact,” Brisco recalled. “I’ve got some [property] here in Keystone, FL, and Bruce knew about it. Bruce called me. ‘Hey, would you allow us to come in and do some filming? We want to do some filming with Bray Wyatt,’ and I said, ‘I got the perfect spot for it.’ So they did, and I was really shocked because Vince never shows up to these remote tapings or anything…”

“It didn’t shock me that Bruce was coming over because Bruce is my brother, but it did shock me that Vince would take the time out of his schedule after flying all the way down from Connecticut, going through all the protocols and everything that you got to go through, get in the car and drive another hour and a half, come over and visit me for an hour and a half. So we got to talk a little bit.”

You can watch the full episode of the Wrestling Inc. Daily here, with a h/t to wrestlinginc.com for the transcription.