Gerald Brisco On Randy Savage: ‘He Always Had A Big Heart For Helping Kids’

Wrestling - Macho Man

WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco has spoken glowingly of Macho Man Randy Savage’s giving nature, particularly as pertains to his son Wes.

Briscoe, appearing on VOC Nation, noted how Savage had always made time for his son:

Macho Man, God rest his soul, what a great guy he was. Him and Wes, from the time Wes was just a baby to whenever Macho Man left us, him and Wes were really tight and really good friends. I was really proud of that. Macho Man was a really strange cat as you know, he didn’t make a lot of friends. He really had something special for Wes. Anytime Wes was in school and Wes needed somebody there to come and talk, he’d ask me and I’d say ‘OK let’s call Randy’… Randy of course couldn’t turn it down, so here come Randy and Miss Elizabeth to Wes’ school. So Wes was over with all the guys and girls and especially the teachers.

Savage’s philanthropy is well documented and his charity work was highlighted in his obituary, published in the St. Petersburg Times, following his passing in 2011:

Randy was a generous supporter of charitable causes. For several years every holiday season, he visited All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg to deliver gifts to patients and participated in the George Steinbrenner Children’s Holiday Concert for underprivileged kids of Tampa. He also recently took part as a celebrity guest judge in a fundraiser benefiting Art for Autism.

During the interview, Brisco also noted Savage’s charitable post-retirement activities:

I think Macho Man really enjoyed talking at schools because when he retired, all he did was worked with special needs people. He pretty much donated the rest of his life to helping out special needs kids and being there for them. I think he always had a heart for kids and always enjoyed the aspects of kids.

With thanks to WrestleZone and PW Insider for the respective transcripts.