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Gerald Brisco Recalls Ole Anderson Putting A Hit On Him – “We Had 3 Days To Live”

Four Horsemen Ole Anderson

WWE Hall Of Famer Gerald Brisco has recalled finding out that one of the Four Horsemen had put out a hit out on them after some shady business dealings.

Georgia Championship Wrestling was a territory based in Atlanta that had been putting on events since the forties. In the mid-seventies, the company was taken over by Jim Barnett who was to become better known for his work with WCW throughout the nineties.

In 1983, GCW underwent some radical changes with the company being taken over by Gerald and Jack Brisco alongside Paul Jones and Ole Anderson. This new arrangement ended in a dark day for Georgia wrestling which became known as ‘Black Saturday.’

The Brisco Brothers sold their share of GCW to Vince McMahon giving McMahon the company’s timeslots on WTBS and effectively putting Georgia Championship Wrestling on the shelf.

Speaking on his Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw show, Gerald Brisco reveals that Ole Anderson was not just unhappy with what had transpired, Ole had threatened his and Jack’s life over it:

“Yeah, Ole supposedly. And this comes from another deceased star, Paul Jones. He happened to call Jack one day and said ‘Jack, I want to tell you, be very careful where you go, and make sure you are around a lot of people. The word here is that Ole put out a hit on you.’”

“Jack started laughing and said ‘What?!’ He called the body shop people and had supposedly hired a hitman. He said ‘You got 3 days.’ So at the end of the 3 days, we called Paul Jones and drank a bottle of whiskey.”

JBL then asks Brisco about a time the Road Warriors had smartened up The Briscos about Ole Anderson putting a bounty on their heads with a price up for grabs for whoever injured them. According to Brisco, being beaten up was the least of the brother’s fears:

“Well that was in the ring, this was actually taking us out. Animal came up to me and, we were in Cleveland, Ohio, and we were finishing up our booking. We are professionals about the whole thing, we finished our booking.”

“Well somebody beat the sh*t out of us, I mean come on! You can try, I’m not going to brag about it. That was our least fear, that somebody was going to hurt us. So we are in the Cleveland Auditorium, and there is this big curtain. Behind the curtain, Animal and Hawk come out and say ‘Come here, we want to talk to you.’”

“We were working with them, we thought they might want to go with something different in the match. We walk back there and they said ‘Guys I’m gonna tell you, I’ll probably get fired if you let this out. But I want to tell you, Ole’s put the money out on you allegedly. He put the money out to anyone who could break your arm or break your leg, we were offered the money tonight. You guys have done too much for us, helped us out in our careers.’”

“I then went to Tommy Rich, and Tommy nodded his head like, it’s true. When I found out, Buzz Sawyer was the only one who would dig it up, we were conveniently not booked with Buzz Sawyer the entire run.”

The World Wrestling Federation’s run on WTBS was not a success and less than a year after taking over the time slot, McMahon sold it to Jim Crockett Promotions.

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