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Gerald Brisco Recalls The Legendary “Mabel” Rib

Gerald Brisco

WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco has opened up on the famous “Mabel” prank that was often played on young wrestlers in the territory days.

Playing pranks, or ‘ribs’, is a well-established part of wrestling lore, and stars have recounted tales of many of the best of them, from JBL hiding a chicken under the ring to Owen Hart’s infamous phonecalls.

On the latest episode of ‘Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw’, Gerald Brisco has detailed the “Mabel” rib that got a lot of use when wrestling was still organised into territories.

“The girls, they were everywhere back in those days. The guys took liberties with them. They would set it up, there would be these gorgeous women who would come to the matches. Of course the young guys, ‘Hey, who is that, who is that?’ They’d say, ‘Oh, it’s Mabel. We’ll fix you up with her. She lives out in the country, she’s married to a truck driver you know we’re all going to have a big party out here in the house later because her husband is on one of these cross country stints and won’t be back for a few days.”

However, Brisco admitted that the prank could get beyond a joke, and he believes it led to mental health issues for at least one person it was used on.

“All of a sudden he kicks in the door when the guy’s in there with supposedly his old lady, ‘Mabel, I knew you were messing around with me’… It caused mental issues with Don Jardine, The Spoiler. They did it to him up in Canada somewhere and he was mentally unstable from then on about this. The guy would take off running, and the guy [husband] would fire off three or four shots. He’d run all the way back into town usually naked.”

Gerald Brisco has also recently told the incredible story of The Rock’s father, Rocky Johnson, jumping out of a moving plane after it caught fire.

H/T to eWrestlingNews for the above transcription.