Gerald Brisco Calls Losing To Kelly Kelly “The Greatest Defeat” Of His Career

Kelly Kelly entrance

WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Bisco has offered an eyebrow raising choice for his “greatest defeat.” A surprising pin-fall loss to former Women’s Champion Kelly Kelly.

Alongside his brother Jack, Gerald Brisco reigned supreme in tag team wrestling over the course of the late 1960’s and 1970’s. The Brisco Brothers clashed with and defeated the biggest tag teams of their era winning more than 20 Tag Team Championships. As a result the brothers are widely regarded as one of the greatest tag teams in history.

However, according to Gerald Brisco himself (Somewhat tongue-in-cheek) his greatest defeat came in 2019 against former WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly.

The former model signed with WWE in 2006, remaining with the company until September 2012. Starting in 2017, Kelly Kelly has made numerous appearances on WWE television, most recently during a watch along of Survivor Series 2020.

During one of these returns on Raw Reunion in 2019, Kelly Kelly pinned Gerald Brisco to become the 24/7 Champion, after Brisco had earlier pinned Pat Patterson. In the process she became the first woman to hold the 24/7 belt.

Speaking during an interview with Dr. Chris Featherstone of Sportskeeda, Brisco lifted the lid on his less than devastating defeat to the former Women’s Champion.

“I’m an old man and you have a nice looking young lady come up to you and says “I’m gonna knee you in the groin, you go down and I’ll get on top of you and cover you.” What are you gonna do? How fast are you gonna get down? That’s the greatest defeat I think I ever had.”

After retiring from in-ring competition in 1985, Brisco began working backstage with WWE as an agent and a booker. He briefly returned to action during the Attitude Era alongside his fellow “stooge” Patterson, winning the Hardcore Title.

Gerald Brisco was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2008, before being released by the company in September 2020.