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Gentleman Jervis Cottonbelly Reveals AEW Aspirations

Gentleman Jervis

One of the most intriguing and unique characters in professional wrestling most definitely has to be the World’s Sweetest Man – Gentleman Jervis Cottonbelly. From just being incredibly nice to everyone in the ring, to his viral clip of rocking an opponent to sleep gently like a baby, Gentleman Jervis has taken the world by storm – much like one of the man who trained him, the equally unique Orange Cassidy!

In speaking with Spencer Love of Love Wrestling, the World’s Sweetest Man would go on to reveal he believes he could do a job in IMPACT Wrestling, WWE or AEW – before “calling his shot” and saying he believes he will be making All Elite Wrestling just that little bit sweeter in the near future!

“I have been calling my shot for a minute now, that someday I’m going to get an opportunity at AEW, and maybe to be on Dark, or maybe to be on Dynamite. But I’m going to get it, because I’m working hard towards it, and the only way to really, really follow your dreams and achieve them today is to ask for what you want. You have to identify it. You have to figure it out in your mind, visualize it, see it so clearly, and then speak it. Write it down, tell others, speak your dreams into existence.”

Mr Cottonbelly would divulge his previous efforts to get involved with IMPACT Wrestling, having competed in a match in the promotion.

“I’ve probably sent at this point, probably eight or nine emails to Scott D’Amore at IMPACT, and I did get booked in an IMPACT match at the end of August 2019. David Marquez actually helped set that up, because I’m a member of the United Wrestling Network and we did like a joint show. So I had a match there, and they even gave me my music and they put the video up for me, and I got a lot of positive feedback. So, I thought maybe, maybe that would lead you to something more with IMPACT. And I sent some emails and some videos after the fact, but I didn’t hear anything back.

Jervis would go on to say his main goal is to prove he’s not a joke, and that he thinks he could do so across a multitude of platforms – he just needs a chance to do so.

I want to wrestle all over the world. And I want to show everybody that I’m not a joke. While I do tell jokes, and while I do make a joke of myself, sometimes, I actually have a lot of respect for professional wrestling, and I want to turn things around. I think I could do that in Impact Wrestling. I know I could do that it NXT or RAW or SmackDown or AEW.”

H/T to Spencer Love for the transcription.

You can check out the entire interview, via Love Wrestling, here.