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Gangrel Reveals His Go-To Wetherspoons Order


Former WWE Superstar Gangrel has revealed his go-to Wetherspoons order from his time living in the northwest of England.

The former leader of The Brood was discussing his time living in Birkenhead in Merseyside while he worked on the independent scene in the UK on Cultaholic’s Straight To Hell. The vampiric star was asked if he’d ever set foot in one of the pub chain’s establishments which are institutions in the country, and even mentioned his lager of choice by its unfortunate colloquial nickname:

“Yes, tons of times. I can’t even remember what the special is but it’s usually the sausage and potatoes, the bangers, you know? And a pint, always got to get a pint even if it’s breakfast time. Usually, Stella – wife beater. A few Stellas, you start beating your wife. I love Stella because it’s the cheaper one you can get over there.”

Gangrel did have one complaint about ‘Spoons, that being that he had to order at the bar although that is no longer the case thanks to the pub’s app, a revelation that he commented on in the Birkenhead parlance, saying it was “Boss tha'”

Gangrel has been in the wrestling news in recent weeks after WWE Hall Of Famer Edge revived The Brood’s entrance for his match against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. Edge had previously covered Rollins in a sticky black substance, calling it a ‘Brood bath,’ harkening back to the days of the group covering their foes in blood. Emerging from flames and to the group’s iconic entrance music, Edge went on to defeat Rollins in their grudge match.

Gangrel revealed afterwards that the spot had actually cost him a booking with All Elite Wrestling after they scrapped an appearance with him following Edge’s own Brood resurrection on WWE television. However, Gangrel also confirmed that he was still paid by AEW for the planned appearance.