Gangrel & Hurricane Appear During Full Gear

Gangrel & Hurricane

Wrestling legends Gangrel and Hurricane appeared on AEW television during Full Gear – as part of the Elite Deletion Match.

The match, which would see the culmination of Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara’s rivalry, would see Hurricane make his presence felt before a masked man held him captive. Revealing his identity, the masked man would turn out to be Gangrel!

Gangrel would appear and recall training Sammy Guevara, siding with the Spanish God. Journalist Gregory Helms, Hurricane’s alter-ego, would also appear – as would Reby Hardy and Senor Benjamin.

Hardy and Guevara would brawl all across the Hardy Compound, before a shutter separated both men from Inner Circle and Private Party. A slightly uncomfortable recall would then re-enact the Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara All Out Match with Guevara bleeding from the head from smashing it off the concrete after going through a table.

Hardy would pick up the win after taking advantage of a staggering Guevara, before putting him in a trash can and having Senor Benjamin drive away Guevara. Reby Hardy would then play a musical outro before we say Matt and Reby Hardy, Private Party and Hurricane celebrating the veteran’s victory.

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