Gable Steveson Wants To Compete At The Olympics, Gives Update On WWE Debut

Gable Steveson

Gable Steveson has become something of a forgotten man in WWE.

The Olympic gold medallist signed with the company in September 2021 to much fanfare. The star was then drafted to Monday Night Raw amid speculation that he could be ready to feature on the main roster right away. However, things then slowed down dramatically.

Steveson didn’t play any significant role until confronting Chad Gable at WrestleMania 38, and then he dropped back into obscurity once again.

Speaking in October the collegiate wrestling star revealed that he had undergone a procedure in September to treat Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome. The condition is a rare congenital heart defect, present at birth, in which an extra electrical pathway causes a rapid heartbeat.

During an interview with MMA Fighting, Steveson has given a fresh update on his progress. He explained that as well as competing in WWE, he also has his eyes set on a second Olympic gold medal.

“I know the Olympics is next year and I hope to be a part of that and keep moving forward and keep winning big titles for the USA also.”

“I would love a second run,” he said. “I feel I have a lot more left in the tank to showcase. I want to prove USA right and keep moving forward overall and become one of the best American amateur wrestlers ever, and I hope I can achieve the Bruce Baumgartner status of having a bunch of medals and having the accolades to show and be a part of WWE and be an entertainer, too.”

Steveson added that he hopes WWE would be supportive of his desire to compete in Paris in 2024.

“I think that’s a discussion when that time comes and that’s a discussion for how my schedule may play out, and you never know how it may play out,” Steveson said. “As of right now, it’s a yes or no, but at the end of the day, I will be ready to compete and put on a good show as always.

Steveson continued, “I’m hoping [to return to the Olympics]. I will be ready if that time comes and I won’t stop being ready until I know if I can go and if I get that yes or no. It would be really amazing [to win a second gold medal] and I hope it happens and I hope I can do that. I feel if there’s someone who can do it, it’s me. I’ve got that burning passion to keep doing it. I believe in myself to the fullest.”

With regard to his long-awaited in-ring WWE debut, Steveson said that he expects to appear “really soon.”

“And when I mean really, really soon, probably after [WrestleMania] or just a little bit after that. I think being able to understand that this game is different and it’s a process and I’m going to follow the process the right way and just keep moving forward.”

Gable Steveson Made Cameo On SmackDown In December

Although appearances have been few and far between, Gable Steveson did feature on the December 9th episode of SmackDown. On that occasion, he appeared alongside Kurt Angle backstage, and in the main event segment as he recreated his famous “milk bath” from 2001. Angle has previously stated that he would be interested in managing Steveson, commenting that putting them together “wouldn’t be a bad idea.”