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Gable Steveson – “Vince McMahon Has Reached Out To Me Personally”

Gable Steveson

Olympic Gold Medallist Gable Steveson has revealed that Vince McMahon has personally reached out to him about joining WWE.

Steveson recently won gold at the Tokyo Olympics in the men’s freestyle 125kg event, becoming the first American to win freestyle gold since 1992. However, even before the Olympics, the amateur wrestling star was turning heads not only in the professional ranks but in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

Speaking to The Sun ahead of attending SummerSlam, Steveson said that while he’s unsure of what he’ll do next, the WWE Chairman has personally reached out to him. Not that the amateur star is giving anything away, making sure everyone knows he has plenty of other options.

“I haven’t really thought about what’s next. I told everybody I was going to come home and sit down for a little bit and just relax myself and just pick what’s best for me and what’s next. I could go for double gold in 2024, I could see Vince McMahon – who has reached out to me personally to go out there to do WWE. Or I could go see Dana White. I mean, even the [Minnesota] Vikings gave me a message. The options are open, my doors are open,”

“I’m gonna pick the best option. But as of right now, I’m not sure. I’m gonna keep searching. I have the world to explore and I’m just gonna step my foot in that door and open it all and explore myself.”

Looking ahead to his appearance in Las Vegas, Steveson said that he’s planning on doing what he does best.

“I was at Wrestlemania and in a week, I’ll be at Summerslam being on camera and doing what I do best. And that’s to look good. Like I said, for me to have all these options with the WWE and the UFC is something special. I’m not sure where I’ll go, but [we’ll see].”

Speaking elsewhere, Gable Steveson added further fuel to the WWE fire by suggesting that if he were to join WWE he would be a “Paul Heyman guy.” Steveson went on to call Heyman a “legend” before discussing his relationship with Brock Lesnar.