Gable Steveson To Decide On WWE Future

Gable Steveson To Decide On WWE Future

Gable Steveson, the Olympic gold medallist, is facing a challenging decision regarding his future in professional wrestling and is set to make his decision on the July 25th episode of NXT.

Over the past month, Steveson has made appearances on WWE NXT, giving fans a glimpse of his potential as a professional wrestler. Now, he is going to choose between continuing his career in NCAA and Olympic wrestling to represent his country in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris or pursuing his skills as a performer in the world of pro wrestling.

During the July 18th episode of NXT, a promo aired announcing that Steveson would reveal his decision the following week. The promo hinted that if he chooses to become a pro wrestler, he would likely continue his journey on the NXT brand rather than being fast-tracked to the main roster.

Since joining WWE in 2021, Steveson, who was originally drafted to the Raw brand, has made sporadic appearances. Most recently, he has been seen training Eddy Thorpe on NXT.

In December 2022, he made an appearance on SmackDown to celebrate Kurt Angle’s birthday by dousing Alpha Academy with milk in reference to Angle’s famous segment where he sprayed Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Alliance with milk in 2001.

Is Gable Steveson Returning To Olympic Wrestling?

Uncertainty has surrounded Gable Steveson’s WWE future since his return to freestyle wrestling earlier this year. In an interview with MMA Fighting, he expressed his potential desire to pursue another Olympic gold medal and mentioned his remaining NCAA eligibility. Steveson believes he still has a lot more to offer and wants to make the most of his opportunities.

WWE has already permitted Steveson to compete in some amateur wrestling competitions, Steveson returned to the mat at the 2023 US Open Wrestling Championships.