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Gable Steveson Calls Himself The “Modern Day Kurt Angle”

Kurt Angle Gable Steveson

Gable Steveson might be the most in-demand combat athlete in the world.

The Indiana native recently became the first American Super-Heavyweight to win Freestyle Wrestling Olympic Gold since 1992. Steveson was already an NCAA Champion, Danny Hodge Trophy winner and junior World Champion. It’s a resume that has led to the young star to be linked to WWE, UFC as well as more than one NFL franchise. Steveson is also yet to rule out trying to retain his Olympic title in 2024.

With that being said, WWE have cultivated a relationship with the amateur star from long before he won his Olympic Medal. While Steveson was recently presented to the crowd at SummerSlam, medal in hand in Las Vegas.

Of course WWE have history in signing former Olympic Gold Medallists, with Kurt Angle following his win in 1996, with a Hall of Fame worthy professional career. Speaking ahead of the Olympics, Angle earmarked the young star as the “next Brock Lesnar” and a potential main event player in WWE.

They’re comments that appear to have not been lost on Steveson who has compared himself to Angle on social media. Steveson shared a photo of himself with the caption “Modern Day Kurt Angle.” The post could potentially also be interpreted as Steveson teasing a deal with WWE.

Speaking ahead of his appearance at SummerSlam, Gable Steveson revealed that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had reached out to him personally.

Continuing on, Steveson said that while he was unsure of his next move, he was determined to do whatever is best for him.