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Further Tributes To Brodie Lee Filmed Ahead Of RAW

Luke Harper

Last night’s WWE RAW saw several Superstars pay tribute to the late Brodie Lee, who tragically passed away at the age of 41.

The company, though, would still garner criticism from former Superstar Brian Myers, who claimed they didn’t go far enough with the tribute.

PWInsider.com reports that, following their similar article on Myers’ criticism, numerous WWE talents and sources have reached out to them and confirmed tributes to Jon Huber, formerly known as Luke Harper in WWE and Brodie Lee in AEW, were taped yesterday prior to RAW going on the air.

The report notes that there is no word where or when the material will be used, but states there are obviously plans for something beyond the graphic shown by the company ahead of the show airing.

Several tributes were paid to Huber throughout RAW following the memorial graphic, as Tom Phillips opened the show by saying, “It’s Monday, you know what that means” – a phrase repeated almost instantly in the ring by WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. McIntyre would add the phrase, “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” which was also repeated by Alexa Bliss.

The most fitting tribute, though, happened when Xavier Woods wore a black armband emblazoned with the word “Brodie” – and hit a Discus Lariat, with Tom Phillips saying, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Big Harper clothesline.”

Jon Huber left WWE in December 2019, joining AEW in March.

Following his tragic passing on December 26th, the world of wrestling has mourned the loss – with stars from WWE, AEW and beyond posting tributes to the former AEW TNT Champion.

Everyone at Inside The Ropes is heartbroken to learn of Jon Huber’s passing, and we send our condolences to all of his friends, family and fans at this time. We have collated several of the tributes posted by wrestlers from WWE, AEW and beyond here.