Further Details Emerge On Fan Incident During Recent WWE Live Event

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For as long as professional wrestling has existed, the roles of the “babyface” and the “heel” have remained unchanged. It is a babyface’s job to elicit a positive reaction from the live crowd, and it is a heel’s job to elicit a negative reaction from the live crowd. If they both do their jobs well, the result is an engaged audience who are completely invested in the action.

Occasionally, however, there are audience members who become too engaged and act physically upon the negative reaction brought on by the heel. It never ends well, as proven once again at a recent WWE Live Event.

Fan Incident During WWE Live Event

An overzealous fan watching a match between Drew McIntyre and Karrion Kross took actions which led to the police being called. It was revealed yesterday that the fan in question had thrown a beverage over Karrion Kross’ manager Scarlett Bordeaux after the latter had been ejected from ringside.

Drew McIntyre and Karrion Kross have been feuding on WWE TV as of late. With McIntyre being the popular babyface, it seems as though this fan wanted to “get back” at the evil heels, though did so in an unacceptable manner.

Mike Johnson from PW Insider recently gave an in-depth breakdown of the incident.

As Drew McIntyre was wrestling Karrion Kross, there was a sequence where to get heat, Scarlett slapped Drew while the referee was distracted.

After the slap, Scarlett played to the crowd when a woman seated in the third row threw an entire plastic cup of an alcoholic drink at Scarlett, splashing her.

A fan who was sitting at ringside told PWInsider, “WWE Security ran to Scarlett right away and I could hear her saying she was OK and then she went right back into her work.”

The venue’s security ran immediately to the woman involved and ejected her, removing her and her family.

There was no physical attack or interaction between the woman and Scarlett.

Beyond that incident, the match went as originally planned.

Scarlett Bordeaux would take the incident in her stride, tweeting out the following in the aftermath.

Karrion Kross and Scarlett returned to WWE in August having been released by the company the previous November.