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Fundraising Hero Lucha Zacatecas Cuts Promo On Drew McIntyre, Meets WWE Champion

Drew McIntyre Thumb

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has proven, yet again, that he’s worth his weight in gold outside the ring as well as in it by chatting with Lucha Zacatecas via Zoom today!

Lucha Zacatecas, also known as Zac, has been raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support following his mother’s diagnosis of breast cancer almost one year ago – and the Scottish Warrior jumped on a Zoom call to chat along with the inspirational youngster.

McIntyre may need to take a backseat, though, as Lucha Zacatecas hits a Claymore even the Ayr-born Superstar would be proud of! The Claymore, of course, isn’t Zac’s only move, as he did 29 wrestling moves in 29 days as part of his challenge, with his teddies taking the RKO, Spear and Batista Bomb as he raised over £1,000 in less than one month.

Zac shows off his Drew McIntyre 101 card in the original video, before showing off his Lucha Zacatecas ‘102’ card and saying his Claymore is better than the WWE Champion’s, and hitting his own on a giant teddy in his living room.

Footage from Zac’s mother Emma, where she thanks WWE UK for setting up the chat, shows Drew’s response where the Scotsman thanks the youngster and praises his Claymore, before recruiting Zac so he doesn’t get beaten with the Claymore. McIntyre then converses with Zac about the wrestling posters behind him, before Zac pulls out two McIntyre figures for the WWE Champion to joke, “There’s me and my twin brother!”

As of December, Zac has raised £1,630 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

His mother, Emma, has started her own inspirational blog called Wrestling With Cancer. You can find out more about Macmillan here.