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Full Results From WWE Clash of Champions 2020

Drew McIntyre Vs. Randy Orton match graphic

WWE Clash of Champions has come and gone and was, in a shock to many, a contender for PPV of the year! Despite some last-minute changes to the card, WWE certainly delivered and then some – with highlights including Roman Reigns and Jey Uso putting on a fantastic main event, the vicious Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match and Drew McIntyre’s retention of the WWE Championship over Randy Orton in a brutal Ambulance match.

The show also revealed the dates of this year’s WWE Draft, confirmed Hell In A Cell as the next PPV and even delivered some fun 24/7 title shenanigans!

See the full list of results and analysis from Clash of Champions below:

Roman Reigns defeats Jey Uso, retaining the Universal Championship

Jimmy Uso threw in the towel for his brother, after Roman refused to stop attacking Jey when he became unable to defend himself.

Roman debuted a new look, going without his trademark bulletproof vest for the first time since his pre-Shield FCW days. The two started slow, with Reigns overpowering his cousin and talking trash to him for the majority of the match, even being warned for his aggression several times by referee Charles Robinson.

After delivering a low blow to Jey whilst kicking out of a near-fall, Reigns began brutalising his cousin with several Spears and forearm strikes – attempting to get Jey to acknowledge him as the tribal chief of the family. The Uso brother refused until Jimmy came to ringside and finally threw in the towel for him. The show ended with Jimmy holding an battered and unconscious Jey Uso in his arms, acknowledging Roman as the true tribal chief of the Anoa’i family.

A fantastic main event – Reigns and Uso put on a masterpiece in in-ring storytelling with Reigns going to depths we’ve never seen him go to before. I am very excited to see what the future holds for Reigns as a heel. If THAT’s what he does to his own flesh and blood to get the win, what will he do to normal challengers?

Drew McIntyre defeats Randy Orton, retaining the WWE Championship

Drew locked Orton in the Ambulance after hitting him with a Claymore and Punt Kick.

A fairly slow but hard-hitting match, Orton and Drew went all-out to keep the other down. Big Show, Christian and Shawn Michaels all made appearances, each attacking Orton in revenge for his brutal attacks on them over the last few months.

After a vicious Claymore outside the Ambulance, McIntyre took his own form of revenge against Orton – delivering his own Punt Kick to the Viper to incapacitate him, allowing the Scottish Psychopath to put the Legend Killer into the ambulance. Some might feel this match dragged somewhat in a similar way to Orton’s WrestleMania battle with Edge, but the constant attacks from Orton’s victims as well as the ever-changing scenery stopped it from becoming stale and kept me intrigued.

Asuka defeats Bayley Via DQ, Bayley retains the Smackdown Women’s Championship

Bayley hit Asuka with a Steel Chair, causing a DQ loss.

Bayley issued an open challenge for the Smackdown Women’s Championship, taunting Nikki Cross for not being medically cleared to compete at Clash of Champions. RAW Women’s Champion Asuka accepted and the two had a fairly quick back-and-forth bout before Bayley intentionally caused herself to be disqualified. Sasha Banks then returned in a neck brace and attacked Bayley from behind. She managed to measure some revenge against her former best friend using a kendo stick and steel chair, before Bayley managed to escape.



R-Truth defeats Drew Gulak, winning back the 24/7 Championship

Truth pinned Gulak after hitting him over the head with a metal bowl.

As expected, Truth managed to regain the title fairly quickly. Gulak was being interviewed about his title win as Truth was seen hiding behind a nearby curtain. The multi-time 24/7 Champion managed to sneak up on Gulak and hit him from behind with a metal bowl to regain the title. This is R-Truth’s 40th 24/7 title reign.

The Street Profits defeat Andrade & Angel Garza, retaining the RAW Tag Team Championship

Dawkins pinned Andrade with a Spinebuster following a hot tag from Ford.

Very fast-paced from the outset – The challengers maintained control throughout most of the match by isolating Ford and preventing the tag to Dawkins. Garza barely hit a Spanish Fly from the top on Ford for a near-fall. Dawkins managed to tag in, hit a spinebuster and the referee counted 3 despite Andrade clearly kicking out. it looks like Garza might have been injured though, so could have been an on-the-fly decision to end the match early.

Bobby Lashley defeats Apollo Crews, retaining the United States Championship

Lashley caused Crews to submit to a Full Nelson lock.

Solid match, fairly similar to their Payback bout. Lashley dominated in the early going but Crews managed to pick up momentum after a number of clotheslines and a crossbody to the outside. Crews got a near-fall with a Frog Splash, but Lashley regained control with a Superplex before picking up the win. A fine match, if somewhat forgettable. No appearance from RETRIBUTION, neither here nor during Clash of Champions as a whole, which surprised me considering their prevalence on RAW last week.

Asuka defeats Zelina Vega, retaining the RAW Women’s Championship

Asuka caused Zelina to submit with the Asuka Lock.

Fairly tame and quick defence – Felt very much like a pre-show match in structure, but I get why it was moved to the main Clash of Champions show due to the card changes. Vega managed to counter the Asuka Lock at first into a Roll-Up and then a Bridging Pin, before Asuka locked it in on her second try for the win. Asuka then cut a post-match promo putting over Vega and tried to shake her hand. Vega started to bow in respect, teasing a face turn, but used the opening to attack the RAW Women’s Champion before scarpering from the ring.

Drew Gulak defeats R-Truth, winning the 24/7 Championship

Gulak pinned Truth with a Roll-Up in a backstage segment.

Standard 24/7 title segment, though this formula is starting to become old. They just seem to be randomly picking talent from the lower and mid-cards to beat Truth before he wins it back, rather than the very creative and entertaining segments we got in the title’s infancy. Truth will most likely win the title back later in the show, hopefully in a segment a little more memorable.

Sami Zayn defeats AJ Styles & Jeff Hardy, winning the Intercontinental Championship

Sami grabbed both belts after handcuffing AJ to the ladder Sami climbed to win and cuffing Jeff to a ladder through his earlobe. No, I’m not kidding.

Excellent opener to the show that was simultaneously brutal and awe-inducing! Lots of creative spots that we’ve never seen before – Jeff repeated the Swanton Bomb off the top of the ladder spot from Wrestlemania 33; Sami handcuffed Jeff to a ladder through his EARLOBE and AJ was thrown into ladders aplenty. Match of the night contender for sure!

Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura defeat Lucha House Party, retaining the SmackDown Tag Team Championship (Pre-Show)

Shinsuke pinned Kalisto for the win, following a Swinging Kinshasa combination.

There was great chemistry between the two teams – The match started somewhat slow, but it picked up quick in the later stages. Kalisto delivered an excellent Tilt-A-Whirl DDT to Cesaro at one point, but the champions quickly took back the advantage and picked up the win. Solid pre-show match, just a shame it was bumped from the main show.