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Full Card Confirmed For FMW:E’s Debut Show, Independence Day

Atsushi Onita’s revival of the famed FMW promotion crystallises tomorrow as the company’s first show, Independence Day, takes place.

Five matches have been confirmed for the card, which will feature Onita himself in the main event contest, which has been dubbed as the ‘Death Match of Hell’.

Onita will team with Minoru Fujita and Ricky Fuji to tackle the team of Abdullah Kobayashi, Onryo and Yuuko Miyamoto in a match set to feature a barbed wire laden and explosive rigged ring, an explosive bat and even an exploding table.

In another unique match up, three women will compete in the first-ever ‘Throw Money Bankhouse Deathmatch’ in which viewers can pay for certain weapons, such as ladders, barbed wire baseball bats and a whip, among others, to be added into the match.

FMW original Miss Mongolia, Nene Dai and a mystery opponent will be running that particular gauntlet.

Elsewhere, Kikutaro and Grandpa Gabai will take on The Brahman Brothers in a tag team match, whilst Yuichi Taniguchi, HASEGAWA and Naoshi Sano will wrestle Monster Laser, Mr. Atomic and Toshiya Kawarai in a six-man tag.

A ‘Fake Explosion Match’ between Onita Buatsu and Imanari Yumeto will open the show, although details on this stipulation are not yet clear.

Speaking exclusively with Inside the Ropes last month, Onita revealed his motivation behind bringing the promotion back as simply wanting to show fans something that could excite them and judging from the announced card, he appears set to do just that.

To witness the rebirth of Onita’s legendary promotion as FMW:E on July 4th, you can purchase tickets to stream the event here.