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FTR With Dax Harwood Live Stream & Coverage

Welcome to Inside the Ropes’ coverage of FTR Live with Dax Harwood as presented by FITE TV!

Harwood is presenting an episode of his acclaimed podcast live in front of an audience in Los Angeles, CA, and there are sure to be plenty of surprises in store as well as special guests. Already announced to join him are:

  • Cash Wheeler
  • Wardlow
  • Powerhouse Hobbs
  • Shawn Spears

The crew is sure to reveal things they aren’t able to discuss on Harwood’s weekly podcast, and other guests may be in attendance as everyone gathers for the biggest wrestling weekend of the year! Follow along for highlights from the show, and don’t be afraid to get involved and make your voice heard!

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Dax Harwood

And That's A Wrap!

As the show winds down, everyone on stage toasts to the audience.

It’s nice to hear wrestlers chatting in such a casual environment, and the friendship between all four men is heartwarming to see. It’s been a fun show!

Cash Wheeler

Favorite Pinnacle Moments

Shawn Spears named the Stadium Stampede as his favorite moment in The Pinnacle before Wardlow opened up about his admiration for FTR, saying he had so much fun as part of The Pinnacle because FTR were constantly having fun.

Wardlow also opened up with a heartwarming favorite moment, saying that the moment they brought in John Cena’s personal tailor to get suits for the whole group. Growing up poor, this stood out to him because he thought it made them seem like such a big deal.

Cash Wheeler revealed that The Pinnacle’s limo didn’t have air conditioning, and the door wouldn’t open. I wish I could’ve been there to see that!

Cash Wheeler

Cash Wheeler Recalls An Incident At The Stadium Stampede

Cash opened up about confronting drunk fans getting too close as they were preparing for the Stadium Stampede.

The conversation soon turned to Cash Wheeler allegedly punching the man who attacked Bret Hart at the Hall of Fame before he continued.

According to Cash, MJF was hiding about 50 feet away, and when they finally went away, he asked “What would you have done if they actually came over here?” Cash said they’d obviously knock out the fans, as they were outnumbered and they had Wardlow in their midst.

Wardlow chimed in, saying if he needed to choose anyone to have his back in a fight, he’d pick Cash Wheeler.


Wardlow Believed The Pinnacle Would Lead AEW

Wardlow chiming in to say he thought The Pinnacle would hold all the gold in AEW is fascinating to think about. The potential was definitely there; even though Wardlow was still, as he said, “a rookie at that time,” he had plenty of presence.

MJF was a natural champion, and it’s insane that FTR haven’t yet been AEW Tag Team Champions.

Obviously, the COVID pandemic changed a lot of plans for everyone, but that alternate universe is something interesting to think about.

Dax Harwood

History Of The Pinnacle

The lads are discussing the origins of The Pinnacle, and Cash Wheeler revealed he tore his labrum taking off his jacket. He jokes it’s because he’s old; he’s younger than me, but I feel that.

Dax began talking about working for Vince McMahon, saying he built his company around babyfaces even when he had to sacrifice heels in the process. Comparing that to The Pinnacle, he said they needed to build heat for their faction in order to make the audience love their babyface opponents more.

It’s interesting to hear him bring up McMahon, because I’ve always found WWE to focus too much on building heat, particularly when it came to Triple H’s long World Championship reign or putting The Authority on TV.

They started discussing The Pinnacle being destroyed, saying they never got their comeuppance, and they were left “middling” in the company.

TV wrestling has to serve many masters, and that can lead to stories suffering and performers not being featured as much as they would like – but Dax made a good point when he pointed out that during the COVID-19 pandemic, their main job was to make the audience feel good in the midst of a global crisis. Wrestling was definitely an escape for me during that time.

Dax Harwood

FTR Welcomes Wardlow

Wardlow has taken the stage!

After joking about how handsome he is, Wardlow joked “it’s mostly sexual” when asked what fans might not know about him. I’d love to have a drink with Wardlow; he seems like a hoot.

Wardlow is grateful for his friendship with FTR that started during their time in The Pinncacle. It’s nice to see four Pinnacle members reunited on the stage.

Dax believes that given the right opportunity, Wardlow could become the biggest star in wrestling.

Tye Dillinger

Shawn Spears Opens Up About AEW Absence, Wrestling Future

Spears hasn’t been on AEW television since fighting alongside FTR in Toronto, and he was asked about his goals and his future in wrestling.

He’s making me tear up when he talks about his favorite picture being Brodie Lee with his two sons holding the TNT Championship, saying that he wants that type of picture with his own son.

He says he’s done soon, but in some form, he wants to be a champion so that he can take a picture like that with his own son. I want that for him too.

Spears also revealed that he’s gotten into so-called “tifts” with Harwood backstage, but even when they get heated with one another, they handle their problems and address them. Matt Koon joked, “You didn’t just go to the dirt sheets?!”

The jabs at media are taking away from the content of the show for me, but I enjoy hearing what Spears has to say.

Tye Dillinger

Shawn Spears On His Infamous Chair Shot To Cody Rhodes

After explaining that the lip of a steel chair is the most dangerous part, he detailed what went wrong when he split Cody’s head open with a chair shot.

I’d have loved to be a fly on the wall when he apologized to Brandi Rhodes for the incident. Despite apologizing to Brandi with tears in his eyes, Cody laughed about the situation and called Spears the “worst wrestler in the world.” It’s nice to hear that he wasn’t angry about the situation.

Spears called it one of the worst moments of his career because he prides himself in not injuring people in the ring.

Tye Dillinger

Shawn Spears Takes The Stage

As a longtime NXT fan, hearing the crowd chant “10” as Shawn Spears came out warmed my heart.

He joked about apologizing for the Gunns, saying that he trained those guys.

After a shot of tequila, Spears said hello to the crowd and put over FTR before talking about his wrestling heroes, naming Rick Rude, Rick Martel, and others. He says he’ll always be a character-driven performer and admires the larger than life aspects of the business.

He also opened up about being swindled by his first attempt at attending wrestling school, saying that while the school was called Hart Family Wrestling, no Harts were actually involved. He was trained by Eric Young.

Dax Harwood

Sean Ross Sapp Is In The Building

Dax spoke about his distaste for wrestling journalists before bringing out Sean Ross Sapp to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Sean’s talking about the history of his wrestling fandom.

Matt Koon asked him about keeping biases and friendships out of reporting, not naming names but clearly directing a pointed shot at Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer.


The Gunns Are Here!

I was confused when the audience got all riled up as FTR were talking about dream tag teams, and the camera eventually panned to show the Gunns. The audience HATES them, and it’s great.


Dax just told the Gunns they were irrelevant before FTR came back to AEW.

The Gunns tried to goad FTR and ask what was going to happen when they’re out of a job after their upcoming match, and when Dax’s daughter was brought up, they were ushered out of the auditorium to chants of “a**hole.” It’s fun to see angles play out in this environment, and the whole thing came off well with real animosity. Even host Matt Koon is agitated by their crashing the party, saying even his friend bought a ticket to the show.

CM Punk

CM Punk Has A Message For The Audience

While not in attendance in person, Dax Harwood has a text from CM Punk with a simple message for the audience:

“I miss them.”

The crowd chanting CM Punk is heartwarming despite the backstage drama, and the second text from Punk made me smile:

“I wish I’d bought them all ice cream.”


A Child Asked FTR About Dream Matches

Dax joked with a child in the audience to stay away from his daughter before answering his question about potential dream matches.

Harwood says that looking to the past, he admires the team of Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat and Jay Youngblood, saying they brought such a fast-paced energy to their tags. A match between them and FTR is definitely something I would have liked to see!

Dax then discussed the Midnight Express, joking that he couldn’t say their manager’s name because he’d get in trouble. He points to the Midnight Express as the reason FTR are able to make a living today because they revolutionized tag team wrestling.

Cash cracked me up saying that these are the types of bedtime stories Dax tells his daughter, and I could honestly see him telling the tales of the Midnight Express as a bedtime story.

He mentions Eddie Guerrero, Art Barr, and Edge & Christian. Dax says Edge & Christian is his number one current dream match, and that it could be possible to see that match someday; I’d certainly love to see it if contracts worked out!

Cash Wheeler

FTR Talk Enzo Amore And Big Cass

Both Dax and Cash are incredibly complimentary of Enzo and Cass, saying their charisma and silliness taught them plenty. Cash even says their feud with that pair was one of the most pivotal in their careers, and Dax says they learned far more from Enzo and Cass than anybody else.

Enzo is a divisive figure, but there’s no denying how over he and Cass were in WWE.

Cash Wheeler

Cash Wheeler OK With Being "Vanilla"

One fan asked about comparisons between Cash Wheeler and Marty Jannetty, and Cash says he’s not bothered at all if people don’t recognize him walking down the street. He’s ok with being the most “vanilla” person, and also says that if Dax wants to wrestle as a singles guy for a while, he’ll sit at home until they want to team up again.

They also say that calling someone the “Jannetty” is an insult to Marty Jannetty, and are frank about the reason Jannetty didn’t make it further was because of drugs. Cash is fine with being the Christian to Dax’s Edge.


Cash Wheeler And Dax Harwood Talk About Their Tag Team Origins

Despite both growing up in North Carolina, Dax and Cash didn’t work together until their time in NXT. They talked about the first time working together and recalled getting a standing ovation from the crowd in attendance, and they’ve been together ever since despite being put together as nothing more than enhancement talent.

The dynamic between the two is pretty clear; Dax says Cash is the one who tries to temper him when he’s getting too passionate, and Cash says Dax gives him courage to stand up for himself. They complement each other well.

Dax also says he hopes the few children in the audience find something they love as much as he loves wrestling; his passion is evident.

Cash Wheeler

Cash Wheeler Joins His Tag Team Partner On Stage

Both members of FTR are enjoying tequila on the stage!

Cash Wheeler told a hilarious story about being no-sold by a fan wearing his hoodie. When asked if Dax has made his life difficult with his much-discussed podcast, Cash says he “doesn’t give a f***” what Twitter thinks; Dax is his best friend, and he’s going to sit beside him, drink tequila, and he can say whatever he wants.

Their friendship radiates through the screen, and it’s great to hear Cash have his say.

Dax Harwood

Dax Harwood And Powerhouse Hobbs Share A Personal Connection

Powerhouse Hobbs is opening up about his mother’s illness and tragic passing, saying that Dax was one of the first people he called. He’s lost a lot of people in his life, and he says having someone he could turn to meant the world to him.

His mom’s birthday was yesterday, which is a difficult milestone; having lost my own mother as a young child, I feel for him.

Meanwhile, Dax is opening up about his struggles with anxiety, and says that Hobbs took time out to comfort him despite going through so much turmoil himself. It’s so heartwarming to listen to them support each other.

Dax Harwood

Dax Welcomes Powerhouse Hobbs To The Stage

Powerhouse Hobbs is in the building!

Dax is very complimentary of Hobbs for offering something different in the world of wrestling, and says FTR went to Tony Khan personally to tell him to hire the behemoth.

It’s endearing to see Hobbs react to being praised, and he’s grateful that FTR took the time to watch one of his early matches. Seeing the mutual support is lovely.

Dax says Hobbs asking FTR for advice respectfully reminds him of teaching his daughter respect, which is so sweet.

Dax Harwood

Dax Harwood Welcomes Fans To The Event

Dax Harwood and co-host Matt Koon are welcoming the crowd and talking about the origins of the podcast. I’m with the audience; it’s great to hear what Dax has to say! It’s nice to hear him grateful to the audience in attendance despite the hate he gets online.

I’m also interested in the drinks they have on the table; those are some great bottles of tequila. I didn’t expect a tequila tasting as part of the show but I’m definitely enjoying it! Now I want to try some of this Tequila Ocho.

Dax Harwood

Welcome To ITR's Live Coverage Of FTR Live With Dax Harwood!

The show is about to begin! Excited to see if any surprise guests show up!