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Backstage Frustrations At AEW Over “Chaotic” Environment

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After a recent episode of Monday Night Raw was thrown into turmoil by a talent walkout, a new report has claimed that some within AEW are also frustrated by a “chaotic environment.”

With the wrestling world still reeling after Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out of the May 16th episode of Raw while it was in progress, a new report has claimed that there is also frustration building in AEW.

In recent weeks and months, it has been continually reported that MJF is becoming increasingly frustrated with the company, as he keeps his options open for when his contract expires in 2024. The star has repeatedly blurred the lines between fiction and reality, mentioning on numerous occasions, often on AEW TV, that he wants to spark a bidding war for his services between AEW and WWE.

On the May 11th of Dynamite during a segment with Wardlow, MJF made reference to a “guy in the back” who didn’t want him to talk about it.

These comments came shortly before it was suggested that AEW and MJF may be further apart than first anticipated when it comes to a new deal. While there have been suggestions that MJF is still unhappy following what was described as a heated conversation between himself and Tony Khan following an interview the star did without the company’s knowledge.

Interestingly, a new report from Voices of Wrestling has claimed that MJF might not be alone in feeling frustrated.

“A source from the AEW locker room tells us that MJF is hardly the only talent feeling some level of discontent, describing the backstage atmosphere as ‘chaotic’ with a lack of structure, with common complaints ranging from not knowing angles or finishes until close to showtime, and things like redundant finishes and angles to set up matches being very frustrating.”

MJF signed a five-year deal with AEW back in January 2019. Since joining the promotion he has won the Dynamite Diamond Ring three-times, and has cemented himself as one of the top stars in the industry.

H/t to Wrestle Talk for the transcription.