Free Gift Leaves Taya Valkyrie With Second Degree Burns

Taya Valkyrie

It’s not always fun and games being a notable celebrity, as Impact Wrestling star Taya Valkyrie found out last week when a free gift she was sent left her with painful second degree burns.

Having mentioned on Twitter that she was a big fan of Lily’s chocolate, the company reached out to her and sent her a free “influencer package” which included a salted caramel flavoured candle.

When Valkyrie lit the gift, disaster struck. The candle “burned like a torch” leaving the walls and windows of her and husband John Morrison’s house charred and damaged.

Worse still, Valkyrie suffered nasty second degree burns to both of her hands and to her face as she battled the flames to put out the blazing candle.

Perhaps understandably, Valkyrie was less than impressed, taking to Twitter to vent about the situation:

Husband Morrison was equally annoyed, declaring on Twitter that the couple had thrown away all of the Lily’s sweets they had in their house and openly questioning what the company put in its products if they “are making candles that burn like propane torches”.

Thankfully, Valkyrie in an update on the situation showed the damage was not too significant and her hand appears to be healing.

Be careful around open flames, folks!

Taya Valkyrie will be in action this coming weekend at Impact’s Bound For Glory as part of the Call Your Shot gauntlet match.