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Vince McMahon Tasked A Hall of Famer To Investigate When Someone Pooped On His Plane

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon had a very clear rule that no one was to poop on his private plane – but who was sent to investigate when someone broke that rule?

Former WWE Writer Freddie Prinze, Jr. spent a good deal of time working directly with Vince McMahon during his tenure with the company, and as such, he’s been able to provide unique insight into the mind of the WWE Chairman.

Speaking on his Wrestling with Freddie podcast, the She’s All That star revealed that not only was Vince McMahon adamant that no one have a bowel movement on his private plane, but he would send someone to investigate if anyone ever broke this sacred rule. On one instance, none other than WWE Hall of Famer and Fabulous Freebird Michael P.S. Hayes was tasked with finding the culprit.

“Freebird calls me into his office, Michael Hayes. He says, ‘Freddie, I gotta ask you a question,’ and he looks concerned. I go ‘what’s up man?’ And he goes, ‘You didn’t, er, you didn’t take a poop on Vince’s plane did you?’ I said, ‘what are you talking about?’ He says, ‘there’s no poops on the plane.’ I said ‘of course, I didn’t, what are you talking about man, I didn’t even use the restroom.’

Freddie Prinze, Jr. went on to say that this was a serious matter, and that Hayes was visibly irritated to be tasked with such an investigation at the behest of Vince McMahon.

“He goes, ‘well someone did, and I have to find out who.’ He’s not laughing when he says it, he’s p*ssed off. What kind of a job assignment is that? I’ve gotta find out who took a s**t on my boss’s plane. The freakin best agent in the company who comes up with the greatest finishes, at least when I was there, the fans favorite finishes were either Freedbird’s or Triple H’s, and usually it was a combination of both and it wasn’t anyone else’s, and he’s having to find out who took a poop on the plane.”

Later in the podcast Freddie Prinze, Jr. revealed that while Michael Hayes never found out who the culprit was, Prinze did during a night on the road with multiple writers and some wrestlers. When the culprit revealed themselves, they were insistent that no one in the room could ever reveal their identity, and Prinze kept his word to not out the culprit on his show.

Freddie Prinze, Jr. has also spoken in the past about a confrontation with John Cena during his attempts to teach promo classes to developmental talent.

h/t WrestlingInc