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Fred Rosser Recalls Who Was Most Supportive In The Locker Room When He Came Out

Fred Rosser

Fred Rosser, who competed in WWE as Darren Young as opened up about his experience of coming out in the company and what star was first to get in touch.

As Darren Young, Rosser competed in WWE from 2010 until he received his release from the company in 2017. Rosser was a part of the first season of NXT and became a part of Nexus when the group of rookies made their presence felt on the WWE main roster.

While in WWE Fred Rosser captured the WWE Tag Team Championship once with Titus O’Neil as The Primetime Players but Rosser’s presence in WWE became more significant when he became the first openly gay WWE Superstar in the company after publicly coming out in an interview in 2013.

The current New Japan Pro Wrestling star discussed with Chris Van Vliet how he felt after his sexuality became public knowledge and which WWE Superstar reached out to him first:

“They didn’t know, so I had to come out again. I remember that I had to do a Be A Star the next day. I told Stephanie McMahon that I can’t do it, I can’t be in front of a crowd because of that guilt feeling and that fear of the unknown.”

“The next day when the news dropped, I remember Mark Henry being the first guy to text me. He said ‘Hey man, come down to the hotel.’ This was before SummerSlam. ‘Yeah come down to the green room.’ I met in the green room and he said ‘man, how come you didn’t tell me?’”

“I said that I was just fearful, Mark responds by telling me that he has cousins that are gay. From then on, me and Mark were just tight. We were tight with guys like Randy Orton and CM Punk. Those guys made it a lot easier for me to walk into a locker room.”

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