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Fred Rosser Claims Bryan Danielson Might Be Reason WWE Nexus Documentary Scrapped


Fred Rosser has claimed that Daniel Bryan’s decision to leave WWE for AEW might have been the reason for a documentary on The Nexus being scrapped.

Fred Rosser, known as Darren Young in WWE, was part of the original version of The Nexus in 2010. The group was made up of the contestants from the first season of NXT, which at the time was a reality show where wrestlers competed to be named the ‘Breakout Star’ and win a WWE contract.

Stu Bennett, then known as Wade Barrett, was the winner of the first season of NXT and it was he who led The Nexus to invade Raw on June 7th, 2010. The group, which also included the likes of Bryan Danielson, Ryback, and Heath Slater, caused chaos on the show, attacking CM Punk and John Cena who had been competing in the ring, as well as announcers and other ringside personnel, before ripping apart the ring itself.

The group went on to feud with John Cena over several months, at one point even forcing the 16-Time World Champion to join the group. However, they could not overcome the ‘Doctor of Thuganomics’, who emphatically defeated Barrett at TLC on December 10th, 2010, by dropping a pile of chairs, which formed part of the stage setup, on top of the Nexus Leader.

Earlier this year, it was reported that work had begun on an episode of ‘WWE Untold’ which would focus on the group, however it has yet to materialize.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Fred Rosser has now provided an update on the documentary and the people who were scheduled to be interviewed for it which, as well as him, included Bennett and Danielson.

Rosser explained that he had to argue the case for wearing a jacket branded with the promotion he currently works for, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and how that might have been one of the reasons for the show being shelved. However, he also believes that Bryan Danielson leaving WWE for AEW could have been another reason for the decision.

“The last time I wore this jacket [which is New Japan branded] was this past May with WWE. I was doing a Nexus uncut/uncensored documentary, they invited me and I said sure no problem. I came in with my New Japan jacket on, and before we started the producer said ‘Do you mind if you take off the New Japan jacket?’ So I’m like ‘So you are asking me to take it off? I hope not!’ I knew they were going to say it, so I said ‘Look I worked hard to get this jacket, and you guys have just inducted Jushin Liger into the Hall of Fame. This is supposed to be uncut and uncensored.’

Not only did I say that, I said ‘I just talked to John Laurinitis, because he reached out to me about maybe doing a collaboration between New Japan and WWE. So let me just be me, this is supposed to be an uncut/uncensored Nexus documentary. Let me just be proud of this jacket. Then the producer said ‘No problem, you sold me on it.’”

“Man I have worked hard for 10 or 11 years since Nexus, and they wanted to interview us guys. I am not some washed-up wrestler, I’ve still got a lot left in the tank and I am proud of this. At the time when they did the interview I asked who they interviewed for this? I was one of them, there was Stu Bennett [Wade Barrett] and Daniel Bryan. So they ultimately shelved the documentary, maybe because of what I did and also because of Daniel Bryan going to AEW.”

During the same interview, Fred Rosser revealed who was the most supportive WWE Superstar in the locker room when he came out.

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