Four Pillars Tournament Begins On AEW Dynamite

Sammy Guevara & Andrade El Idolo AEW Dynamite

Tonight’s AEW Dynamite started off memorably, as all four of the “pillars” of AEW ended up confronting each other.

Each man had the opportunity to deliver a promo, and they each shined in their own way. Darby pointed out how Guevara is like a sidekick to Chris Jericho but has at least proven he will scratch and claw his way to the top of AEW. As for Perry, Darby believes he had everything handed to him by people backstage in AEW. Perry was next, saying how it’s sad that so many kids like Darby, but backstage, the real Darby is apparently rude and anti-social. He turned to Guevara next and agreed he was a bad person but appreciated the fact that what you see is what you get. Guevara went last, pointing out how Perry is similar to MJF because he was hand-picked to be a success in AEW. As for Darby, Guevara respects him for clawing his way to the top of AEW, but just like usual, Sammy will top him again.

MJF came out to diffuse the tension and revealed that a tournament would start to determine the new #1 contender. Darby got an automatic bye to the next round after being chosen randomly, so tonight, Guevara and Perry did battle, and the winner earned the right to move on to the final #1 contender’s match next week.

What happened in round 1

Guevara and Perry gave everything they could in tonight’s main event, but due to some interference by MJF, Guevara stole the victory. Perry was sent face-first into a table at ringside, and just as he was about to re-enter the ring, Guevara distracted the referee and allowed MJF to punch Perry in the face with his Dynamite diamond ring. Guevara vs. Darby is set for next Wednesday.