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Former WWF Superstar Recalls Hilarious Dynamite Kid Rib

Dynamite Kid

A former WWE star has regaled WWE Hall Of Famers JBL and Gerald Brisco with an incredible rip that Dynamite Kid pulled on an unsuspecting Outback Jack.

Dynamite Kid has been in the headlines in recent months following an episode of the wrestling documentary series Dark Side Of The Ring was dedicated to his turbulent life. One of the contributors to that documentary was Kid’s friend and former WWE star Dan Spivey. Spivey competed in WWE Waylon Mercy in the mid-nineties but is perhaps best remembered in his wrestling career for being one of The Skyscrapers tag team alongside at different times Sid Vicious and ‘Mean’ Mark Callous, who would go on to greater success as The Undertaker.

During an episode of Stories With Brisco and Bradshaw, Spivey recalled one particular prank the notorious Dynamite Kid played on Outback Jack as a way of getting back at Jack for not paying his share of road expenses.

Spivey recalled:

“Outback Jack comes in, he would catch rides with us, and back then we were paying trans, whatever it was. So he didn’t pay his trans on a couple of trips and he told Dynamite that since he was working on top he shouldn’t have to pay him.”

“I told Jack ‘You better pay him, or you’re gonna pay a price.’ So anyway, he said he wasn’t worried about it. Anyway, Dynamite halcyon-ed him, put sleeping pills in his drink. [Dynamite Kid] got into his room, shaved off his eyebrows, cut the crocodile off the back of his jacket, and sh*t in his bag. Next day he comes down with no eyebrows, holding his croc in his hand, and [I said] ‘I told you, you should’ve just paid him.’ It would’ve been a lot easier.”

Credit: Stories With Bradshaw and Brisco

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