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Former WWE Writer Opens Up On Why He Was Fired From The WWE

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A former WWE writer has reflected on his time in the company and what led to his dismissal, calling his start in WWE a “trial by fire.”

Kazeem Famuyide worked for WWE for close to a year as a writer before his time in the company came to an end in 2019. Speaking to another former WWE employee Renee Paquette on The Sessions, Famuyide revealed why his time in the company ultimately came to an end:

“I got fired. So to be fair, on the creative side of getting ideas together and putting things together, I think I did pretty well. But the WWE, especially on the inside and the executive side, there’s certain things, certain concepts that I just, to be fully transparent, wasn’t catching as quickly as I assumed they would like me to catch.”

“Certain talents, they threw you right on the road. Usually every writer I talked to while I was there was like, ‘oh, I did home team for a bit.’”

Famuyide then explained that ‘home team’ means staying at the company’s headquarters to write shows from there whereas he was immediately launched into the cut and thrust world of life on the road:

“Home team is basically where you’re writing the show from Stamford, you’re giving ideas, you’re in the big office every day and you’re just kind of in this think tank of creativity. Whereas the away team is on the road. You’re like a road producer and you’re with the talent all the time.”

“I was thrown on the road immediately. I was hired on a Wednesday and then I was at Money in the Bank Sunday. So it was a lot thrown at me really quickly. And I understand what they were trying to do, it was definitely a trial by fire over there. And I think I succeeded at certain points.”

By the end of his time in WWE, Kazeem Famuyide reveals he was starting to feel worn down by the job and when he was placed in the ‘home team’ he knew his time was nearly up:

“I started to get worn down also, and they could start to see it in me. It’s a tiring, tiring, thankless job. It’s very thankless. And I had a lot of other opportunities out there. I want to say my eleventh month, going into my one year anniversary of being there, I got taken off the road team and I was on the home team for like the last month.”

“So I was like ‘writing’s on the wall, let me see what else is out there.’ And then, low and behold, three weeks later, they were like ‘it’s not really working out. But we still like you, and maybe something can happen down the line.’”

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