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Former WWE Writer Throws Shade At Tony Khan

Tony Khan at press conference

Former WWE Head Writer Brian Gewirtz has taken a shot at Tony Khan on social media over recent comments he made about WWE.

In a recent interview with 1010XL in Jacksonville, AEW President Tony Khan was asked about how his company is different from WWE. One of the differences he mentioned was that he doesn’t have “27 Holywood writers” writing for his shows.

“I don’t have 27 Hollywood writers sitting around, writing sketch comedy for the show. We do great wrestling matches. The wrestling that a lot of people in Jacksonville and the southeast grew up on. That’s the wrestling I grew up on and I love it.”

It is well-known that AEW allows its stars greater creative freedom than WWE, and that is something that has attracted several former WWE Superstars to the brand. Khan also recently revealed that, while he does collaborate with other people, he writes all of the shows himself.

During WWE Day 1, former WWE Head Writer Brian Gewirtz took aim at Khan over his comments, saying that the event was a “fun show” because of the “massive group effort involved” and not because there were 27 Holywood writers.

“Fun show #WWEDay1. Weird, it’s almost as if it was the result of a massive group effort involving talent, producers, production staff, creative, announcers and more as opposed to “27 Hollywood writers sitting around writing sketch comedy.”

WWE Day 1 was the first-ever event the company has held on New Year’s Day and saw multiple changes prior to showtime as WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns tested positive for COVID-19 and was not able to compete in his scheduled defence against Brock Lesnar.

This led to Lesnar being added to the Fatal Four-Way match for Big E’s WWE Championship. ‘The Conqueror’ emerged victorious from the bout, capturing the gold after hitting Big E with an F5 for the three-count.