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Former WWE Writer Details Being Told Not To Make Plans For Sara Amato

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Former WWE writer, Kevin Eck, has lifted the lid on being told not to pitch Sara Amato for television upon her WWE signing.

When Amato, – better known as Sara Del Rey – joined the promotion in 2012, the company’s creative team were specifically informed not to create any on-screen plans for one of the most celebrated women’s wrestlers on the indies.

The edict was passed not because the star was deemed unready, but because she was being brought in as the first female trainer in the WWE Performance Center and not as an active talent.

Kevin Eck, who was on the writing team at the time of the talent’s arrival, spoke to Fightful about the day he was informed Amato was being brought in and his shock that they were not going to use her in order to strengthen the women’s division:

“Me and some of the other writers were trying to get the women’s division of being a little more than just two minutes. We had Natalya and Beth Phoenix. Vince said nobody wants to see the girls fight over the guys, so it was a losing battle. I remember one of the SmackDown head writers came in and he goes, ‘Sara Del Rey has been signed. Not as a talent, as a coach. We’re not using her as a talent at all. Don’t even go there.’ It was like, ‘Do not, under any circumstances, pitch her being on TV.’ I couldn’t get over it.”

Sara Amato, under her Del Rey gimmick, was a highlight of women’s wrestling on the independent circuit and leant her many talents to CHIKARA, Ring of Honor, Shimmer and NCW Femme Fatales to name just a few before signing with the WWE.

She has been responsible for helping to train and work with some of the best talent in the company today, including the likes of Sasha Banks, Bayley, Charlotte Flair, Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey and is widely considered the cornerstone of WWE’s women’s evolution.

Credit for the interview and transcription: Fightful