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Former WWE Writer Comments On The Legacy Of The Miz

The Miz

Former WWE Writer Brian Gerwitz has commented on the legacy that The MIz will leave in WWE when his career comes to a close.

The Miz first appeared on WWE television as a contestant on Tough Enough in 2004. The show was a reality based TV competition where the winner would earn a WWE contract. Although Miz was eventually awarded the runner’s up spot he was signed by WWE shortly after the show’s conclusion.

The Ohio native made his debut on the main roster in 2006, going on to become one of the top heels in the company.

Miz won his most recent WWE Championship at WWE Fastlane, cashing in his Money In The Bank contract pinning Drew McIntyre. The caveat being that McIntyre had already been beaten down by Bobby Lashley, in exchange for a shot at the title after Miz was victorious. The story culminated on RAW with Lashley beating champion to win the WWE title.

Reflecting on Miz’ career in a recent WWE 24 special, Gerwitz gave his opinion on the former WWE Champion’s legacy.

“[After Miz lost to Bobby Lashley] I texted him and was like ‘I guess Lashley’s a babyface now, because according to the Twitter scroll, everyone’s lauding the fact that Bobby Lashley’s champion’. Miz responded ‘No, he’s the top heel in the company, they just hated me so much they just couldn’t wait to see the title taken off me’. I think that’s kind of Miz’s legacy there, that heel ‘as long as Miz isn’t champion, that’s all I care about’. He really has cemented himself in that role and does it better than pretty much anyone.”

While Miz eventually rose to the top of WWE and now stands as a 15-year veteran, his rise through the company was far from smooth. One incident early on in Miz’ career led to being being banned from the locker room altogether. Recalling the incident, the reality TV star said that he ended up changing in public bathrooms at shows.

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