Former WWE Writer On Why Backstage Altercation Was “The Only Good Part” Of All Out Media Scrum

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An ex-WWE writer has joined the discussion regarding AEW’s All Out media scrum, explaining their frustration with the overshadowed reaction the pay-per-view itself.

Freddie Prinze Jr., a former member of WWE’s writing team, has spoken out about his grievances coming away from AEW All Out. In particular, he was frustrated with how MJF’s return, a moment months in the making, became an “afterthought” behind the media scrum.

Speaking on his Wrestling With Freddie podcast, Freddie Prinze Jr. described his dissatisfaction with the alleged backstage incident, which has resulted in numerous suspensions to key members of AEW’s roster and backstage team:

“This should have been about the return of MJF. He’s going against CM Punk, which was the best storyline in wrestling in the last 20 freakin’ years, and because of a bunch of backstage bullsh*t, everybody’s talking about guys that aren’t even wrestling for the friggin’ championship. They’re not talking about this storyline. MJF was a friggin afterthought which is disgusting.

If they’re just making all this up to get people to go, ‘Oh, we got to have a big media conference thing like UFC and get people to talk about it’, and all this backstage fighting and calling people clowns and children, if this is a work, they screwed up. That’s bad writing because everyone should be talking about MJF. They should be talking about professional wrestlers, not goofy Soap Opera drama stuff backstage.”

Freddie Prinze Jr. continued, boldly declaring how this reported backstage brawl was the only noteworthy aspect of the media scrum:

“Apparently, CM Punk does not like a handful of people in the locker room, a large handful of people. It seems like it’s The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega based on comments that he said, talking about EVPs, Executive Vice Presidents that should not be EVPs because they behave like children. He said a lot of hardcore stuff. He sounds a lot like John Cena when CM Punk was the one saying a lot of sh*t that people didn’t like, which is kind of weird.

He said it. ‘If you have a problem with me, come confront me.’ He needs to do the exact same thing. I hope he is. Apparently there was some confrontation backstage, which is, I think, the only good part of this whole thing because hopefully they can just have the fist, beat each other’s a**, and then it’s done. That’s how men solved things in the ’80s and ’90s. It just stopped one day. I don’t know why. That’s why we have these ongoing 30-year beefs now because nobody just gets cracked.”

Numerous stories have surfaced regarding the incident, with sources from both CM Punk and Ace Steel, and The Elite telling very different tales of the event. Steel, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks are all facing a suspension, while Punk is currently sitting out injured. His status contract-wise is unknown.

Both the AEW World and World Trios Championships were declared vacant on last night’s Dynamite. Death Triangle have already captured the three-man titles, while a Grand Slam Tournament of Champions will contest the World Championship.

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