Former WWE Talent Reveals Vince McMahon’s Bizarre Shoe Habit

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is an enigmatic character, and according to one former employee, he had an interesting way of amusing himself on flights.

Speaking in a recent interview with Cheap Heat Productions, former WWE photographer Tom Buchanan revealed that a common practice in the company was to steal people’s shoes when they fell asleep during flights. Buchanan recalled finding out about this custom when shoes were dropped in his own lap during a flight, and one of those shoes was delivered by none other than Vince McMahon.

“Vince had a thing. Everybody in the company had a thing for stealing shoes if you fell asleep, so that was just a known sort of thing. I was sitting back in coach, I didn’t know about this little thing, and some person came by and dropped a shoe in my lap. It was a black man’s shoe. I didn’t know what this thing was about. Then, a short while later, Vince McMahon came up [from] first class and dropped a white lady’s shoe in my lap.”

“This Isn’t A Normal Company” – Tom Buchanan On Working For Vince McMahon

Continuing, Buchanan revealed what became of the shoes that were dropped in his lap on that flight, saying he kept the woman’s shoe in his production case for the rest of his lengthy career in the sports entertainment giant.

“We were doing a Saturday Night’s Main Event at the Seattle arena that night, so I kept the shoe,” Buchanan said. “When Vince came out to do his announce with Jesse Ventura, I left it on his chair. He saw it, laughed, [and] pushed it to the side. I picked it up later and carried that shoe with me in a production case for the rest of my time at WWF just to kinda make it clear that this isn’t a normal company!”

h/t Sportskeeda