Former WWE Talent Mocks Ariel Helwani For Being Banned From The UFC

Ariel Helwani talking at a UFC event

The drama surrounding journalist Ariel Helwani shows no sign of slowing.

Back in 2022, Helwani interviewed AEW President Tony Khan on an episode of the MMA Hour. The interview did not go well, and Helwani aired his frustrations publicly, criticizing Khan for refusing to answer any of his questions.

Fast forward to February 2023, and Helwani was a guest at WWE SmackDown in his home city of Montreal, QC. He also filmed a segment with Sami Zayn to discuss Zayn’s upcoming Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match with Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber.

Tony Khan took to social media accusing the journalist of being a fraud, and Helwani responded by calling the AEW President a “snowman.” WWE took shots at Tony Khan during the Elimination Chamber premium live event, calling Helwani an “unbiased journalist” and praising his professionalism. Helwani addressed the situation on the latest MMA Hour, denying that he’s a wrestling journalist.

Jonathan Coachman Says Ariel Helwani Is Banned From UFC Events

The latest person to call out Ariel Helwani publicly is sports presenter and former WWE talent Jonathan Coachman, better known as The Coach. In a series of tweets, Coach chided Helwani for not being allowed at UFC events and also took him to task for making a mockery of professional wrestling.

“It’s really cool to see an event that Ariel can actually get in the building for. I would be excited also. If you don’t know NOW YOU KNOW!!!!

Coach went on to claim that ESPN likely didn’t know about his UFC ban when they hired him, which is why his contract with the sports network didn’t last long.

“1. Ariel is not allowed in the building for ufc events. And espn clearly didn’t know ‘when they hired him. Which is why he only lasted one contract. Also the mockery he makes of pro wrestling like he could EVER do it not only upsets me but alot of people actually IN the business.”

When asked how Helwani made a mockery of professional wrestling, Coach elaborated.

“When you do this for a living like I did for well over 10 years. Look back at the last year. Talking trash to actually wrestlers like Booker T on a talk show when he is 140 pounds soaking wet. He is a fan. That’s it. He is not and never will be. Fans are not WWE talent.”

When he was accused of sounding bitter, the sports presenter ran down his experience in professional wrestling and said that he’s more than qualified to have an opinion on the matter.

“Over 20 years on and off. 16 Wrestlemanias. Actually participated in 2 Royal Rumbles. I think I am qualified. Not bitter. I just respect the business whether I am still in it or not. Wrestlers can’t stand it when an outsider comes in and doesn’t respect their space.”

Coach appears to agree with Tony Khan’s assessment of Helwani’s journalistic integrity, saying that Triple H and Sami Zayn didn’t have a problem working with him because he’s a “fanboy” and will do anything WWE asks.

“They will use anyone especially if that person is from Montreal. Trust me Triple H not having an issue is way different then a regular wrestling. HHH has a show to promote and they know fanboy will do whatever they want him to do.”