Former WWE Talent Feels The Elite’s Shots At CM Punk Overshadowed Their Dynamite Match

The Elite

On the November 23rd edition of AEW Dynamite, The Elite faced off against Death Triangle in match two of their “Best of Seven Series.” The match took place in Chicago, the hometown of CM Punk, with whom The Elite have recently had some notable quarrels.

Because of this unique surrounding, The Elite took it upon themselves to openly mock CM Punk during the match.

In one spot, Kenny Omega bit Pac’s arm, a callback to the accusation that Ace Steel bit Omega during the backstage incident following All Out. In another, Matt Jackson made fun of CM Punk’s botch of a Buckshot Lariat. And finally, towards the end of the match, Kenny Omega used CM Punk’s finishing move: the GTS.

However, one former WWE talent has commented that these actions perhaps did not do the Elite any favours.

Did The Elite Overshadow Their Match On Dynamite?

In a recent edition of “Reffin’ Rant,” a Twitter series by former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas, Korderas hit out at The Elite’s actions on Dynamite. In Korderas’ mind, the mocking of CM Punk overshadowed the story of the match.

It pops that crowd that is into that sort of thing, but at the same time, what are people talking about after the match? Not what they’re supposed to be talking about, which was Fenix using the hammer for Death Triangle to go up two-nothing in their best-of-seven series. That’s what people should be talking about, not about all the haha and gaga that was going on taking the jabs at CM Punk.”

The latest Dynamite would not be the first time that The Elite have taken a jab at CM Punk since returning to AEW. Last week’s Being The Elite showed footage of fans repeating an expletive-heavy chant aimed at CM Punk. The inclusion of this chant in their YouTube series may have influenced the Chicago crowd to greet The Elite with hostility.

In their Dynamite outing, Death Triangle defeated The Elite for the second time in a row when Pentagon hit Matt Jackson with a hammer. This would echo their first match at Full Gear, where Fenix reluctantly hit Kenny Omega with a hammer to protect himself from the One-Winged Angel and ultimately win the match.

CM Punk’s status with All Elite Wrestling has yet to be confirmed. No official update has come out since his suspension after the incident at All Out 2022.

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