Former WWE Superstar Slams “Two-Faced” CM Punk

CM Punk

CM Punk remains one of the most divisive figures in modern professional wrestling.

While some see the star as one of the best performers in the world and the greatest of the last 20 years, he rubs many others up the wrong way.

Punk’s reputation could arguably be summed up by his run in AEW. He arrived on a wave of unbridled optimism in August 2021 and featured in an acclaimed feud with MJF. However, things fell apart against a backdrop of injuries, backstage falling outs, and even a brawl following one of AEW’s biggest shows of the year.

The two-time AEW World Champion also left WWE in acrimonious circumstances back in 2014 after falling out with the company and wrestling as a whole. One man who shared a locker room and even the ring with Punk much earlier in his WWE run was Rene Dupree.

Speaking on his Cafe de Rene podcast, the former World Tag Team Champion gave a less-than-flattering assessment of the star, branding him a “two-faced motherf*cker.”

“I just don’t like the guy. From what I knew him, I just didn’t like two-faced. Two-faced motherf**ker,”

CM Punk Hits Back At Fan Who Said He Should Retire

CM Punk hasn’t been featured on AEW television since getting in a brawl following All Out, back in September 2022. However, it has been reported that the star could soon be available for a return should the company wish to use him.

In a recent interview, Mark Henry suggested that if he was in charge of the company he would bring Punk back. In response, a fan said that the star should stay retired. Punk quickly hit back at the fan saying that he would wrestle again just to upset him.

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