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Former WWE Superstar Slams “Sell-Out” CM Punk

CM Punk entrance

Former WWE Superstar Shelly Martinez has taken aim at CM Punk, branding the AEW World Champion a “sell-out” and a “fake.”

Since seemingly the beginning of time, wrestlers have delighted in telling bizarre and sometimes downright ridiculous stories from their many days spent on the road.

One of the more recent surreal stories came from new AEW World Champion CM Punk. Speaking during an appearance on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Punk recounted a tale from his days in ECW.

At the time Punk was travelling with Sabu, Test and Kelly Kelly, who were a couple during this period. Punk recalled checking into a hotel before being greeted by Kelly Kelly screaming in the hallway, and a some frantic texts from Test. When they all re-entered Test and Kelly Kelly’s room, they found blood all over the bathroom walls and in the bathtub.

The end result was Punk, Kelly Kelly, Test and Sabu (who decided to sleep on the ironing board) all sharing a room.

However, during an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Shelly Martinez, who appeared in WWE as Ariel, has taken issue with Punk and his version of events. Martinez initially branded Punk a “sell-out” and a “fake ass.”

“Punk, I put on a huge pedestal and that’s my fault,” Martinez said. “You shouldn’t put anyone on a pedestal. And now, fast forward to today, I think he’s a sell-out and a fake a**.”

During her time in WWE’s ECW, appearing as Ariel, Martinez portrayed a vampire alongside Kevin Thorne. She continued to blast Punk, saying that he was “just like the rest.”

“It’s a crazy story and whenever I’ve been asked throughout the years, ‘Give me some kind of [crazy story],’ that’s my go-to because it is crazy, especially because I’m a vampire, so of course the vampire’s room has the blood,” Martinez continued. “But Punk doesn’t say I was there at all. It’s just like… b**ch, you knew. And so I was like, you know what, you’re just like the rest.”

After leaving WWE in 2007, Martinez joined TNA, appearing as Silas. The star retired from in-ring competition in 2017.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.