Former WWE Superstar Willing To Return After 14 Years To Work With The Viking Raiders

The Viking Raiders Erik Ivar stand backstage on WWE NXT 2.0 2022

The Viking Raiders may not currently be one of WWE’s top tandems, but this ex-Superstar is still keen to work alongside them!

The Viking Raiders made their return to WWE programming on the 24 June broadcast of SmackDown, laying out The New Day and embarking on a feud with the multi-time Tag Team Champions. However, it appears Rory McAllister may want to fight them as well.

Speaking on the Cheap Heat Productions podcast, Rory explained the similarities between the former War Machine and The Highlanders:

“Everybody’s saying obviously the similarities and everything else. I think those guys are amazing, I really do. I enjoy watching them work. Big Todd, I mean Jesus! I think he’s Ivar, Todd Smith, and for such a big fella he can float about like a butterfly. If I was given one last run, I would like to go in there and do something with them. A handing of the fur!”

Rory McAllister hasn’t wrestled for three years, last competing alongside Highlanders partner Robbie in December 2019. They captured the vacant Battle On The Border Tag Team Championships, besting the 5 Most Wanted pairing of Cody Hawk and Sean Casey.

The Highlanders – who are actually an official Scottish tandem, being born in Oban – spent three years under WWE contract. Although they were mostly used on WWE’s B-shows, such as Sunday Night Heat, they challenged for the World Tag Team Championships on a number of occasions.

Their last televised WWE match was on Monday Night Raw’s 11 August 2008 broadcast, losing to Cryme Tyme.

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