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Former WWE Superstar Recalls Brock Lesnar Going Off-Script On Live TV

Brock Lesnar

A former WWE star has discussed going toe to toe with Brock Lesnar on the microphone on live television and having to go off-script leading to a memorable Lesnar line.

Heath Slater may have been released from his WWE contract in April 2020 but the star was fighting to save his WWE career, on-screen anyway, as far back as 2016 leading to a memorable confrontation with ‘The Beast Incarnate’ live on Raw.

Slater interrupted Lesnar and his advocate Paul Heyman on Raw as he attempted to save his job given his free-agent status at the time. Lesnar was focussing on his upcoming SummerSlam bout with Randy Orton when Slater cut off one of Paul Heyman’s famous promos. Heyman had no time for Slater’s life and career but eventually, the mention of Slater’s kids led to Lesnar inviting him into the ring to say his piece, father-to-father.

Unfortunately for Heath Slater, Brock Lesnar verbalised his thoughts, saying “I don’t give a sh*t about your kids.”

Now in an interview with the Such Good Shoot podcast, Slater has revealed that his kids were never supposed to get a mention in the first place:

“Well, the topic about my kids was not even supposed to be mentioned. It’s supposed to be me trying to find the job. And then totally like I had a brain fart and I forgot my lines, man.”

The line about his kids led to a new catchphrase and t-shirt for Slater who spent most of the rest of his WWE run referencing needing his job in WWE because of his seemingly ever-growing list of children.

Slater added:

“It was just one of those things where I had a brain fart and the next thing you know, I just [said], ‘I got kids, dammit, I need this job.’”

Credit: Such Good Shoot podcast

h/t SK Wrestling