Former WWE Superstar Once Had S*x With Snow White At Disneyland

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Ever wondered what would happen if former WWE Superstar The Big Show met Snow White in catering at Disneyland? Well, wonder no more.

Big Show, real name Paul Wight, signed with WCW in 1995, debuting in May of that year at Slamboree. The star remained with the company until early 1999 when he signed with the WWF. During his time with WCW, Wight was a regular at the top of the card and won the World Heavyweight Championship twice.

At various stages throughout the 1990s, WCW filmed its television programs and hosted events at Disneyland and later Universal Studios in Florida. This created a unique scenario where the wrestlers often mingled with the people playing characters at the parks.

Former WWE Star Made Sure To Get To Know Snow White

During an appearance on the Dos and D podcast, celebrity and wrestling bodyguard Wayne Mattei reflected Wight ‘mingling’ with Snow White. Mattei recalled Snow White walking into catering with a table of wrestlers quickly taking notice. In a moment of pure bravado, Paul Wight made a move to talk to the woman before they got to know each other better in a boiler room.

“The wrestlers used to share the catering with the park people. So the people who would dress up as characters. So Paul’s [Wight] is sitting there one day having something to eat and he’s got all the boys round him and all this and then in walks Snow White. And they all stop and look at her like ‘oh that’s Snow White.’

Paul gone, ‘just leave it to the big boys shall we.’ Paul gets up and he goes to walk over, and he starts chatting away to Snow White and all this. The boys are are looking at him like ‘you’ve got to be kidding me, this is just disgusting,’ He’s putting it on, putting the moves on and all this.

Long story short, he ends up in a boiler room with Snow White.”

Inside The Ropes has been unable to verify the whereabouts of the Seven Dwarfs at the time of the incident.