Former WWE Superstar Likes Tweet Blasting Current ‘Boring’ Champion

Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair face off on WWE Raw

At WWE Backlash, Bianca Belair successfully retained the Raw Women’s Championship after a hard-fought match against IYO SKY.

Despite being part of the villainous Damage CTRL faction, IYO SKY was cheered to the rafters by the hot Puerto Rico crowd. Unfortunately, despite dominating much of the match, SKY was unable to pull of the win, instead becoming another victim of the KOD.

When WWE posted about The EST’s victory on social media, there were some users who made it clear that they were less than happy with the result. One went as far as claiming we were in for “12 more months of this boring championship reign”.

Eagle-eyed fans later spotted that an interesting star had liked the post, indicating she agreed with the sentiment. That was former NXT Women’s Champion KAIRI and you can see a screenshot below.

As well as being a former champion in NXT, the star was also a Women’s Tag Team Champion alongside Asuka. She left the company in December 2021 after her contract expired and returned to STARDOM the following February.

Since then, she has seen success as the first IWGP Women’s Champion in New Japan history and is currently in her fifth reign as an Artist of STARDOM Champion as part of REstart, alongside Natsupoi and Saori Anou.

Bianca Belair made history at WWE Backlash

With her Backlash victory, Belair made history by tying Becky Lynch for the longest-reigning Women’s Champion of the modern era at 398 days, and come Sunday she had surpassed even that to take the top spot with no sign of slowing down.

During the 2023 draft, Belair was moved to SmackDown while the blue brand’s Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley went to Raw. It is likely that we will see the pair switch their titles to the appropriate brand in the same way that Lynch and Charlotte Flair did in a similar situation following the 2021 draft.