Former WWE Superstar Dismisses Idea Eddie Guerrero And Rey Mysterio Were Best Friends

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In WWE and all of professional wrestling, it’s not uncommon for fact and fiction to become blurred. After all, the entire premise of the sport is built on an illusion.

This means that controversy can come from nowhere if elements of a story or even comments on social media become misunderstood. One man who recently became wrapped up in this confusion was Chavo Guerrero.

The former WWE Superstar made disparaging comments about Rey and Dominik Mysterio before claiming that he was simply being a “heel.”

Speaking in a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, Guerrero discussed this thin line between fiction and reality, likening it to a soap opera where fans begin to wonder whether on-screen couples are really together. He added that the perception is that Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero were best friends, as that is what’s been presented, however, that wasn’t quite true.

“They want to believe anything that they want to, and I don’t think I know anything else like that except for maybe a soap opera. You know, soap operas start to get people believing like Luke and Laura were really together back in the General Hospital days. I’m going back, that was when we used to watch it and stuff.

They want to believe so bad, you know, Eddie and Rey, Eddie and Rey. But wait a minute, you all hated Eddie when he was telling Dominik ‘I’m your papi.’ You guys hated him but now it’s like oh they were like brothers. I’m like, well they had a fondness of each other, like Rey says.

But when people say oh they were like best friends, no they weren’t best friends, they were not best friends. I know what you perceive now, but that’s not what that was. Even when Eddie passed away, the day that Eddie passed away Rey found out like everybody else. I didn’t call Rey. I called Chris [Benoit].”

Chavo Guerrero Says Latest Eddie Guerrero Tribute Almost Went Too Far

Elsewhere, Chavo has stated that Rey Mysterio’s recent WrestleMania tribute where he came out in a low-rider to Los Guerrero’s theme music almost crossed the line. The star took issue with WWE and Mysterio using the music they used as a team, rather than Eddie’s own music.

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